Birth with artificial pain

Birth with artificial pain

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What is Artificial Pain?

Birth starts through the hormone oxytocin. When the pregnancy is normally completed, oxytocin is released naturally and causes uterine contraction (hence unpleasant labor pains).

In some medical conditions, the administration of the oxytocin hormone in an artificial way, preferably in serum, to shorten the duration of labor artificial pain It called.

In which situations?

It is most commonly used in cases where the baby is known to be out of day, but is not born when the expected date of birth is reached. In addition, in cases of prolonged labor, the child will have trouble with fetal distress syndrome and meconium.

The weakness of the mother is often a way to give birth in a short time in cases where the mother cannot withstand the prolongation of labor and in some discomforts of the mother.

It is also used to initiate birth if the water called early membrane rupture comes before birth pains begin. Another use is to reduce postpartum hemorrhage, to facilitate recovery of the uterus.

How To?

Low amounts of oxytocin hormone are injected intravenously by diluting the serum.

It is preferred to administer it via the infusion pump (device for automatically controlling the number of drops). It is initially started with a low drop count and increased until effective pain is achieved.

Before starting, connect the pregnant woman to the monitor called cardiotocography and uterine contractions it makes sense to follow the baby's heartbeat.

What are the points to consider during the application?

Patient must be connected to monitor, dose 15 20 minutes should be increased gradually and in a controlled manner, even though epidural catheter pains are inserted for painless delivery, catheter administration should be postponed until effective pain begins.

What are the Risks of Artificial Pain?

One of the risks is called uterine hyperstimulation. the womb excessive contraction that can cause the baby to become distressed. It is particularly rare in cases that are carefully monitored using an infusion pump and by slow increase. Another risk is very rare, but uterine rupture.

Again a rare risk Water poisoning occurs especially in case of long term artificial pain.

Is Reliability a Proven Method?

Oxytocin administration is not a new application. It has been applied for a very long time. In general I would say it is quite reliable when done in accordance with the rules.

Artificial pain should be applied in cases of medical necessity. The wishes of the expectant mother are of course valuable. But the obstetrician's job is to convince the patient which condition is appropriate. Already since the beginning of pregnancy expectant mother with obstetrician Since this trust bridge is established between the family, the family will consent to the correct direction of the doctor.

Isn't Cesarean Section Healthier Instead of Starting Birth with Artificial Pain?

If there is an indication for cesarean section artificial pain will never be tried. For example, in case of day-out cases, artificial pain can be tried first, in case of difficult response or when the baby is at risk, it can be easily switched to cesarean section.

What happens in case of excessive pain?

There is almost no such risk when the dose is gradually increased by the infusion pump. In case of overdose, rare but serious problems such as excessive contraction or even rupture of the uterus may occur.

In which situations is it inconvenient to apply?

Artificial pain absence of an obstacle to the normal delivery of the patient to be applied, for example, infant arrival anomalies, head pelvic nonconformity, previous uterine surgeries (caesarean section, myomectomy, uterine anomalies correction operations such as)

Otherwise, it is best to make a direct cesarean section decision without resorting to any artificial pain.

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