Attention to moles and skin spots in children!

Attention to moles and skin spots in children!

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Parents who want to raise their most valuable assets as healthy individuals; Watch out for the formations I in your children!

Changes in the moles that increase with the effect of the harmful rays of the sun may also be a harbinger of a serious health problem. Therefore, parents the child they should follow me closely and take the necessary measures!

Parents if they act consciously and take the necessary measures, they will also protect the future of their children. One of these measures is to ensure that children benefit from the sun correctly. For example; you can take the first step by using high-factor protective creams since your child is six months old and not leaving the sun at noon!

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Dermatology Specialist Gökhan Okan; and warned families that children should be protected from the sun and that I should pay attention to the formation of me:

Sun Rays Are Not Innocent

• As the summer season comes and the heat increases, the intensity of the sun's harmful UV rays reaching the earth increases. Ozone puncture increases the harmful effects of the sun on our skin. Skin blemishes, skin streaks, changes in existing moles, the formation of new moles and preparing the ground for the development of skin cancer are all the damage caused by the sun.

Moles Work of the First 20 Years

• I have; These are the structures formed by color cells called melanocytes. Most people range from 1 to 40. They can be observed all over the body. Some of them are innate and some of them emerge later. They may be flush with the skin, or they may be in the form of fluffy, hairy forms on the skin. The person that I will develop is planned before birth, most of them develop within the first 20 years.

Does the sun's rays cause me to form?

•  sunlight It has a significant effect on moles. It can cause changes in existing moles, as well as new ones. 80 percent of the lifetime UV dose is taken during the first 18 years of life. For this reason, the protection of babies, children and young people from the sun is vital.

May Be a Herald of Skin Cancer

• The type of self that we call dysplastic or atypical in later moles is different from other moles. Atypical moles; they are generally irregularly shaped, asymmetrical looking, contain different colors and are large. They start to appear in adolescence and are most commonly found in the back and legs. The presence of atypical I, which we call malignant melanoma, increases the risk of skin cancer. Although the risk of melanoma is low in the presence of a single atypical mole, the risk of melanoma increases in more than one atypical me. Melanoma It is the most dangerous of skin cancers and its incidence is increasing all over the world.

Light Skins Get More Careful

• Inheritance also has an effect on the development of melanoma. Being light-skinned, having more than 50 moles in the body, having severe sunburn in childhood, having atypical moles, and presence of individuals with melanoma in the family pose a risk for melanoma.
Melanoma; it is most commonly located on the back in men and in the legs in women. Melanoma develops from 30 percent of me present, 70 percent of normal skin. Among moles, the risk of congenital big moles and atypical moles turning into melanoma is higher than other moles.

Shaped and Big Moles Attention!

• In addition to clinical examination, a device called dermatoscope is used to examine the moles. If the suspicious mole is detected after examination and dermatoscopic examination, that mole is removed and sent to pathological examination. The removal of moles does not pose a risk to me. The patient is monitored at 3 to 12 months intervals according to the risk I have.

Ben If moles in your child grow, bleed and if it changes shape, you should see a doctor immediately. ”

• Take care of the sunscreen: The importance of the sunscreen should be emphasized as a priority for the child's health. Sunscreens with a factor of at least 30 should be applied 20 minutes before going out and repeated every 2 hours.
• At 6 months sunscreen Start cream: Particular attention should be paid to the use of sunscreen in children. Protective use should be started after 6 months.
• Apply the creams to the ears and feet: Care must be taken to apply the sunscreen to the ears, back and neck.
• Do not remove without hats and glasses: Use of wide hats and sunglasses should be considered. Between 10.00 and 16.00, when the sun is intense, care must be taken not to be outside unless it is mandatory.
• Follow the moles if they have suffered from sunburn: The importance of sunscreen is increased once more, since the occurrence of severe sunburn in childhood proves to cause many atypical and normal moles.
• I have If it grows and bleeding, take it to a doctor immediately.

If you are curious about the causes of skin blemishes in your newborn baby, you can read our article: // www. / Birth-stains-and-newborn-skin-disorders /


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