What Causes Vaginal Itching?

What Causes Vaginal Itching?

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Vaginal Itching in Pregnancy

Do not pass the vaginal itching during your pregnancy by saying ur It is due to pregnancy ”. This situation certainly doctor needs to be checked by.

If you are experiencing a vaginal itch, itching can be an allergic condition primarily. This situation is more common especially in mothers with allergy history. Except this; "vaginitis " so vaginal yeast infection can also be. Itching around the anus may occur due to hemoids and parasites.

In pregnancy, due to hormonal changes vulvovaginal fungus incidence is higher than in non-pregnant women. vagina reddened and It is swollen. Although the current does not appear in all cases, the current is white and dark consistency.

Treatment of vulvovaginal yeast infection during pregnancy is a little more difficult. Because clinical recovery is slower, it is more likely to relapse. In such infections, co-treatment should also be performed.

pregnancy cream and ointments applied to the skin in the early stage can be used to reduce the complaints. If you are experiencing such difficulties, you should stay away from tight synthetic underwear for a while.

Never use vaginal creams and tablets during the first trimester of your pregnancy. However, after 14 weeks, you can take oral medications at the advice of your doctor.

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Vaginal Itching Herbal Treatment


Throw 100 grams of hibiscus in two liters of water and let it sit for twelve hours. Then drain the boiled water, crawling to the region. Twice in the morning, twice in the evening 20 minutes wash and wash.

Apple cider vinegar

Washing the outside of the vagina with apple cider vinegar for half a cup of tea is an effective treatment for vaginal itching. You can apply it once a day.

Cassia and Vinegar

A teaspoon of boiling vinegar, a teaspoon of cassia after adding and waiting for a while, you can drive to your itchy region. You can do this twice a day, morning and evening.

Prevention of Vaginal Discharge, Pruritus and Infection in Pregnancy

  • Choose cotton underwear and change your clothes twice a day.
  • Try to wash your laundry with soap powder, not detergent.
  • You can use the daily pad if you are working and the current is bothering you.
  • If you use tampons, you will cause serious infections.
  • Excess sugar foods trigger fungus formation.
  • Protect your sexual intercourse.

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