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Let Your Baby Sleep Alone

Let Your Baby Sleep Alone

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How difficult it is at night to see sleep As it flows, looking at you with gin-like eyes and trying to convince your child who wants to play again to sleep… “Let her sleep and growI The word is not wasted, babies need sleep. But it is not right to say “baby sleeps and grows”.Psychologist Bihter Mutlu Gencer “Sleep is a programmable training system. This system it may be difficult at first, but if parents continue to work consistently and consistently, without any hesitation, they can achieve positive results. ”

Baby his sleep needs to be trained. This training is not only his physical psychological also important for the development. New parents sleep is a programmable, educable system. Seating this system will not be easy at first. However, it is not difficult for the parents to achieve positive results if they continue to practice in a determined and consistent manner.

Teach the Difference between Day and Night

A newborn baby cannot be expected to know the difference between day and night, but within two to three weeks he slowly begins to understand it. Of course some effort is a must!Psychologist Bihter Mutlu Gencer “It is necessary to strive for the baby to recognize the difference between day and night from the beginning. For this, he sleeps in the room where you live your daytime sleep (that is, during normal life, with your TV or music on, talking on the phone, cooking in the kitchen, etc.) or in his room but with the curtains open and the room bright; sleep in his own room, dark and quiet environment helps him to realize this distinction. Another important issue is to give your baby as much love as you want during the day, kiss her a lot, embrace her, talk to her, make loud joyful shows when she wakes up from sleep; but when he wakes up at night, try to keep a minimum contact with him. Feed if it is going to change, change it if it is going to change six, but try not to talk to it, not to have social contact and physical contact, if you have to talk to your partner, speak in a low voice and try to get your job back to bed as soon as possible. Anyway in the morning when your baby is still plenty to hug! If you do not want to go to the room constantly at the beginning you can put your baby in your own room (but not necessarily in your own bed) but you should finish this application when your baby is 2 months old. Undan From the birth of, it may help you to put your baby in their own room: you will get used to it from the very beginning and there is no risk of having trouble getting into your own room after two months. ”

Set Total Sleep Time.

When the baby is 3-4 months old, it is now put into bed and ready to begin the sleep education alone. As it is known, babies generally have total sleep hours by months. For example, a newborn baby sleeps 16-18 hours a day, and this period gradually decreases. When he is 3-4 months old, he usually sleeps about 13-14 hours with two or three short daytime sleeps. However, the total sleep time may vary from infant to infant. First thing to doyour baby's to determine how many hours a day it needs. For this, you can keep a small record of your baby's sleep for several days without interfering. By collecting the hours from 12 o'clock at night to 12 o'clock the next night, you will learn about your baby's general need for sleep. For example, your baby sleeps 13-13.5 hours in total, but sleeps are very irregular: he stays awake at night for 2 hours, falls back to sleep at 5 am, wakes at 10 am, sleeps sometimes, sometimes at least three short sleeps during the day. It is possible to turn such a complicated order to normal and let your baby sleep on its own when you put it in bed. However, for a while to get tired and sleepless, your baby's room and your own bed, you have to afford to shuttle.

Start the Program

Bihter Mutlu Gencer, "After taking a record of your baby's sleep, take a deep breath and decide to wake up your baby at the same time every morning, 2 or 3 short daytime sleep and sleep at the same time in the evening to start the program." to allow your baby to sleep alone and for as many hours as you need. Keep records of the hours when the baby falls asleep and wakes up. While applying the program, do not hesitate to wake your sleeping baby when the clock arrives, and try not to put your baby to sleep in the car while you are in a timeless sleep. (please do not listen to the words of the elders mı will the sleeping child be woken up “, or var let him sleep-- you will have to struggle to put your child who does not want to sleep in the future). sleep '. At 12 o'clock from your baby's sleep ebilir You can slowly put your sleep to 11:30, the next day to 11, and as a result, between 8:00 and 9:00, which is the best sleep time for babies and toddlers. ”

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