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38th Week Pregnancy

38th Week Pregnancy

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38th week of pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Your baby can weigh up to 3300 grams and weighs approximately 50 cm!
So what's going on at week 38?

  • If your baby's gender is female, her vagina has developed, and her male testes are final.
  • Hearing your voice will comfort him, you should talk to him often. 🙂
  • The color of the iris of the eye is not fully formed when born blue or gray eyes may be born.
  • Feces begin to form in your baby's intestines, which is the first stool he will throw out after birth.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 38 Pregnancy

At the 38th week, you will be admitted to the hospital with the signs of childbirth. Vaginal examination of the cervix and whether the water will be examined. For your baby's health NST to do and if signs of birth are found, you will be admitted.

When you go to bed, if there is no special obstacle enema to be made. The enema not only facilitates delivery by emptying the intestines, but also helps to regulate labor pains. Enema may not be given if the delivery is close when you come to the hospital.

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 38

One of the most important causes of constipation in pregnancy inactivity. Ask your doctor for 30 minutes a day walks this will help you deal with the problem. In addition, I recommend that you do not forget to consume probiotic sources.

Vaginal Birth- 38th Week Pregnancy

The vaginal delivery process is roughly divided into 3 periods. First semesteris the period of opening of the uterus up to 5 cm, which is actually the longest. Many mothers spend this period at home without realizing it. This period may take up to 10-12 hours for first births. Second termis the time from 5 cm to the full opening of the uterus. This period lasts for 4-5 hours and the baby's head progresses through the birth canal. The second period is the time until the uterus is fully opened and the baby is released. This time can be up to 1 hour. For 2 and more births, this time can be expressed in minutes.

Abnormalities in laboris the birth process goes beyond the standards. If there is an unfavorable delivery process despite the harmony between the baby's head and the delivery route, it may be necessary to provide birth pain with medications.

During the final stage of labor, your baby's head progresses and creates a feeling of straining as it presses the large intestine. By pushing, the baby's head is advanced.

What is Episiotomy Incision? Week 38 Pregnancy

The incision made during the birth of the baby "Episiotomy" is called. Episiotomy incisionallows the baby's head to move freely during birth. On the other hand, it prevents genital tract tears in the mother and reduces the possibility of sagging of the bladder and large intestine during the delivery process.

You should be aware that pain relief may be used in the follow-up of labor. These treatments are decided according to the cervix. Especially before the uterus reaches 5 cm pain medications to be given before the birth can reduce pain and cause labor to stop.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 38 Pregnancy

If you are at 38 weeks, if you have not given birth yet, you should leave the shopping part to the father. 🙂
You can come out and get your baby's last needs. In such cases, products such as diapers, diaper rash cream can be forgotten. We recommend that you check your birth bag again and complete it if you see a missing one. Because at 38 weeks, your little baby can come any minute. 🙂

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 38th week!

I was very busy today. I learned to move this week, and I came back in my mother's womb. I have to work on these because I want my mother to give a comfortable birth. Can't wait to be with my family! I liked being prepared to have my family the most during our 38th week. My dear family, what do you like most?

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