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Brand new!

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Brand new!

Has been in the life of all parents expecting a baby since 2001 and raising their babies, Can you think? babies born on the day of the first article in. are now 17 - year - old girls or young men. A generation has grown with this site. There is no other website that has been published for 17 years and managed to receive awards or awards almost every year. We think that the person who has signed such good works needs a renewal in the recent period and a change that the new generation parents will like.

For this reason, our digital marketing team rolled up their sleeves and entered a busy pace. They worked for days. And today they 're in their new form. We're all, we're all excited. We have managed to turn it into a site just as we imagined. We believe that with the articles, videos and social sharing platform, families will become the head-end guide again. I wish you will follow with pleasure. We will have very nice surprises in Yeni soon. Stay tuned to this surprise that will be exclusive to members only. ????

Together with our renewed site, I will be back with my articles every week. I'm also waiting for your e-mails, especially for suggestions of topics you want me to mention. Years ago, he wrote for one of our readers: yok I don't have a mother. However, I find every information and warm interest I'm looking for. For this reason, you are the grandmother of my children. Im I wish, this temperature always continues.

Until I see you next week,



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