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Ways to calm your baby

Ways to calm your baby

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There are several ways to calm a crying baby. Although not every way does work for every baby, you will definitely find a way to try it on your baby. Here's what you can do to calm your baby:

Wrap it up and embrace it

Newborn babies love to feel safe and tightly wrapped. You can shake your baby by wrapping it in a blanket. Even if you are not wrapped in a blanket, holding your baby in your arms will help him to hear your heartbeat.

Play a uniform rhythm

Since your baby is accustomed to hearing his mother's heartbeat while in the womb, he will want to be close to his mother after birth. You can also relax your baby by playing or singing rhythmic music, lullabies. In addition, many parents say that their babies are calmed down by the sound of washing machines, vacuum cleaners or hair dryers and that their babies sleep more easily. However, never put your baby on the machines, just run them next to them to hear their voices.

Shake your baby

Most babies like to rock calmly. They relax and calm down when shaking. You can shake it on your lap as you walk, or you can make you feel a swing by sitting in a rocking chair. Some babies also relax while the car is moving.

Massage your baby

Massage your baby, gently patting his back or rubbing his belly will comfort your baby. If it does not feel comfortable standing in a curled position on your lap, you can keep it upright. Some colic babies can relax and calm down by rubbing their belly.

Let him suck on something

Some newborn babies love to suck. They can relax by sucking their teats or fingers. During sucking, your baby's heartbeat will be regular, the stomach will relax and calm.

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