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How does it take care of the baby to look after two separate people?

How does it take care of the baby to look after two separate people?

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Grandmother and Grandmother Caring for the Baby

For parents, their children are the most valuable asset in the world. For this reason, from the first day of their baby's birth, they do everything they can to care for them with great pleasure. They do not want to miss any details, no memory in both their physical and cognitive development. For this reason, most families dream of taking care of their children until they reach school age.

However, given the fact that the participation rate of women in business life is very high today, most mothers do not have the chance to raise their babies themselves. Therefore, they are forced to entrust their babies to either carers or family elders. Sometimes child care is so difficult that the baby can be cared for by a grandmother for a week and a grandmother for a week. However, a baby glance both mother and baby can have many negative consequences.

How do two different people care for a baby affect the child? How are negative impacts minimized? Here is life-saving information about it.

Why is it important to find the right caregiver for the baby?

Children spend a great deal of their time at home with the person responsible for their care until school age. If the mother and father are working, someone needs to take care of the baby after the mother's maternity leave. This person can be a mother, father, grandmother, grandmother or a carer. Until school age, infants lay the solid foundation of their character development and their life in that period. determine what kind of individual they will become in their future lives. The person responsible for the care of the baby will have a lasting impact on her life. It is therefore very important that you find the right caregiver.

Importance of Baby Sitter


  • It should be able to meet your baby's need for love. Babies whose love is not met in later life negative attachment problem viable. These individuals are either overly attached to their mother, father, spouse and work or vice versa.
  • your baby meet the need for trust. If the baby is crying because it is hungry or dirty, it is not timely saturated and the baby is not changed in a short time. the baby cannot develop a sense of trust.
  • Become a role model for your baby. Babies and children spend more time with caregivers than parents. Therefore, the caregiver influences the baby's behavior and the way they communicate with people. Behavior such as the way the carer eats, behaves calmly or impulsively in the face of any event, the tone of speech and whether or not he uses vulgar words will eventually become your baby's behaviors.

For these reasons, it is very important that you find the right caregiver for your baby.

Prejudice against caregivers in our society brings grandmothers and grandmothers to work

If working women are mothers; the joy and enthusiasm of the family brings along serious concerns about the care of the baby. It is still unacceptable for most families to leave the baby in a caregiver and is perceived as an extraordinary situation.

The possibility of a carer taking care of the baby; it is the nightmare of parents, especially the grandparents of the family such as grandmother and grandmother. This is the case grandmothers and grandmothers are engaged and take care of the baby.

The Effects of Two Separate Nursing Children on Children

A negative attitude towards the babysitter in our society in general brings grandparents such as grandparents to work. If the eldest family is vigorous, healthy, with the criteria you are looking for in baby education, you can trust; this is an unmissable opportunity for you and your child. But sometimes family elders can take care of a baby. may not be strong enough or grandmother and grandmother may have to leave the grandfather alone at home and go to her granddaughter. In this case, the grandmother and grandmother agree to take care of the child at certain and short intervals such as 1 month, 1 week or 15 days.

It is a good idea for parents to look after the child at regular intervals because it will reduce the workload. However, a infant The situation will have both positive and negative effects on it.

Positive Effects of Two Caregivers on Children:

  • The growth of the baby together with the family elders affects their development positively. Because babies loved by grandmother, grandmother and grandfather feel valuable and increase their self-esteem.
  • The care needs of the baby are not postponed, adults meet all their needs.
  • Your baby never goes hungry, adults do what they do and find a way to eat a plate full of food to the child. You don't have the fear that my child is hungry. 🙂

Negative Effects of Two Caregivers on the Baby:

  • Every request of the babies is met by the grandmother and the grandmother. insatiable. Without wanting to distinguish between need and desire, they can ask for everything they see and enter an endless consumption frenzy.
  • Babies who fulfill every request immediately become impatient after a while. They may have crying and nervous breakdowns if their wishes are not fulfilled in a short time.
  • Grandmother did not allow grandmother to allow; the child does not know what to do when the grandmother lets the grandmother forbid it. This inconsistency may cause the child to behave inconsistently and not to recognize the rules.
  • Caring for two separate individuals may reduce the influence and authority of the mother and father after a while. If the parents do not allow them to eat chocolate, but the family elders allow it, the child will insist and cry until the mother does not give chocolate. In addition, the mother's prohibitions will be seen as a violation of the situation will not listen.
  • Tensions and disagreements between parents and infants will be reflected to your baby when family elders expand their influence over the child and become competent in the family and home. The baby will feel guilty as the cause of disagreements among family members.

Instead of Granny and Grandmother Looking at the Baby at the Same Time, Choose Only One or a Caregiver You Can Trust

It is very normal for parents to have difficulty in entrusting their children, which is very valuable to someone else. But two people taking care of your babymay have a much more negative impact than the caregiver's care.

Looking at the effects of the caregiver on the child's development, finding the right caregiver will bring more positive results, both in terms of your baby's development and your peace and authority in your private sphere within the family. So our advice to you is that if one of your family elders is available to care for and you don't have to worry about care, you can have your family elder look after you. But otherwise there is no need to force; the right caregiver will be able to easily build closer and positive relationships with your child than family elders. What's more, as a parent, you can easily do what you say to the caregiver and guide your baby's education, but not the adults.

How did you experience this? Who's taking care of your baby? What do you think the consequences are? How about sharing it with other moms?

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