7. Month Pregnancy Nutrition

7. Month Pregnancy Nutrition

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7. Month Pregnancy Nutrition

Hello! your pregnancy last three months As you enter the period of rapid growth, you need to pay more attention to your diet.

The most important focus during pregnancy is not the amount you eat quality.

It's easy to load up on satisfying and delicious foods in your diet, but this is what you need to support your baby's growth and development. nutrients It does not provide.

During pregnancy adequate and balanced dietThe changes you make in your daily diet plan not only help you give birth to a healthy baby, but also help your baby stay healthy all his life.

Your daily diet during the last three months of pregnancy high in protein, fibrous and nutrients take care to consume. In this period, the additional average of your diet 450 calories You can add up.

At least one meal each day consume proteinTry to eat eggs, albeit every other day. Do not forget to consume plenty of fluids, especially during this period, hands, feet, facial swelling may edema problem and the most effective solution to this problem. drink plenty of water.

Pregnant mothers may become overwhelmed by nutritional advice. They often hear about foods that are bad to eat during pregnancy and may feel as if there is nothing to eat.

During pregnancy making you feel extremely restricted There is no need, there are only a few nutrients that should be banned during this period with the exception of some harmful substances.

For example; such as alcoholic beverages, simple sugar-containing foods, offal, soy products.

We do not offer a complicated plan to follow during pregnancy, in fact everything is very simple if you want more detailed information about this subject you can review my 1st month pregnancy nutrition and 3 months pregnancy nutrition articles.

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Heartburn during pregnancy

One of the problems during pregnancy is heartburn. Especially second and third trimester The cause of stomach burns is actually pregnancy hormones.

Pregnancy hormones slow down digestion therefore, the introduction of nutrients into the blood and the emptying of the stomach is delayed.

With the growth of the uterus during pregnancy, the stomach is pushed upwards, it compresses and the stomach is felt burning. Sadly, stomach burns usually end at the end of the 9th month.

I would like to share information that will make the mothers happy with the problem of heartburn mutlu

Cute Info! The problem with heartburn can be beneficial for your baby, because nutrients are absorbed better as you move slowly in your body and help your baby to eat. What is good for stomach burns in pregnancy? Click the link below! // www. / Pregnancy-what-good-to-stomach-side income /

Nutrition Recommendations for Pregnancy Heartburn

  • Feed more or less oftenPlan your meals at specific times during the day and try to eat at the same times every day.
  • Consume plenty of fluids. The point here is to drink the liquid slowly.
  • Frying in oil, stay away from fatty foods as much as possible.
  • Prospective mothers excessive sauces Do not choose.
  • Extremely spicy avoid food.
  • Carbonated and caffeinated drinks Do not consume.
  • Green leafy vegetables are good for stomach burns during pregnancy.
  • Non-acidic fruits choose.
  • Try to stop food intake at least two hours before bedtime.
  • High sugar foods triggers heartburn. Try to consume as little as possible empty energy sources.

You may review our article on the use of folic acid in pregnancy.

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Constipation in Pregnancy

During pregnancy constipation problem is a common condition. Constipation triggers factors such as hormone changes, infant area, malnutrition, and lack of physical activity.

Especially during pregnancy progesterone Relaxing effect on smooth muscles causes slowing of bowel movements and as a result constipation occurs.

Another cause of constipation problem during pregnancy is stress!

During pregnancy stress, it does not only cause constipation problems. Stress on babyphysical, behavioral, emotional direction has effects. Stress during pregnancy adversely affects the developing nervous system of the baby.

In addition, insufficient water consumption during pregnancy causes constipation problems. Water consumption is also very important in this regard. If you forget to drink water during the day, take a fun water cup and keep in mind.

You can review our nutrition article during pregnancy.

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Nutrition Advice for Constipation in Pregnancy

  • In this period, expectant mothers fiber and fiber rich foods nutritional patterns. Whole grain products, nuts and seasonal vegetables should be included.
  • ProbioticsIt is very important for our intestinal health. Our intestines are oursour second brain. Yogurt and kefir are a very good source of probiotics. Probiotics strengthen our immune system and facilitate our digestion and therefore have positive effects on the prevention of constipation.
  • Plenty of water! The most effective way to cope with the problem of constipation during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water.
  • You can start walking with your doctor. Gait accelerates bowel movements.

Realized via Facebook and Youtubenutrition during pregnancy You can watch our live broadcast.

5 Nutrients to Help in Constipation in Pregnancy


In apricot content high magnesium mineralprovides faster bowel movements and provides convenience for mothers with constipation problems. To support fiber intake, Throw 1 dried apricot into a glass of water from the evening and let it wait overnight. When you wake up in the morning, first eat dried apricots and then let the juice stand. You can chop the apricot tiny and put it into it so that the aroma of the apricot can pass into the water more. Search your meals during the day 3-4 dried apricots You can consume.


probiotics We said that it is very important for our bowel health. Kefir is also one of the probiotic foods. It allows the growth of beneficial bacteria living in our intestines. It is especially valuable to consume constipation problems during pregnancy. Snacks during the day kefir yogurt Adding probiotic sources such as this will benefit you during this period.


Plum during pregnancy facilitates digestion and good for constipation. The recommended method for apricot may be valid in prunes. Throw 1 prune into a glass of water in the evening and wait for that night. When you wake up in the morning, you can eat prunes first and then drink the soaked juice. Plum is also good for the nervous system worn during pregnancy.


We learned how important fluid consumption is during pregnancy. The most effective solution for the problem of constipation during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water. Especially in recent months for edema problem also need to drink plenty of water. In a day 2-2.5 liters of water to drink Take care.

Dry beans

Dry beans softens the intestines and constipation during pregnancy. You can add kidney beans, beans or chickpeas to your diet no more than 2 times a week. Let's consume legumes due to the portion amount because it can cause gas problems.

Apart from these nutrients, other nutrients that help your digestion; pears, apples, spinach, chard, artichokes, oats, asparagus, figs.

What should be eaten in the 7th month of pregnancy?

  • Broccolicontains carotenoids, antioxidants and potassium, which are beneficial for your baby's eye development. Broccoli is rich in vitamins A and C.
  • Bananais rich in potassium. Thanks to its essential amino acid, tryptophan affects sleep quality. You can consume the portion amount.
  • Sweet potatocontains folate, fiber, potassium. It affects your baby's immune system. Helps strengthen bones, teeth and veins.


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