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All About The BLW Method!

All About The BLW Method!

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Self-Feeding (Baby Led Weaning)

Hello dear mothers, this is a brand new article! Today, everyone is wondering, in fact he wants to apply, but is uneasy From the BLW method We will talk about.

BLW methodis one of the recent approaches used by today 's parents in baby care.

Let's take a closer look at this new method we often hear.

What is BLW?

Generally What is BLW Although most parents know the shape of the application, they do not know exactly what the expansion is.

However, knowing the expansion is the biggest step in getting information about the subject.

“Baby led weaning” BLW created by bringing together the first letters of the word group in Turkish “Nutrition Under Baby Leadership” means. The form of the method is actually obvious from its name.

Baby led weaningWaiting at the beginning of your babies, additional nutrients, tooth-palate structure suitable for additional food by separating small pieces of food in front of your baby and allow it to eat on its own.

Babies only breast milk for the first 6 months should be fed with. After the sixth month, they start to eat additional breast milk. However, breast milk remains the main meal of the baby. Additional foods are the baby's snack.

If you are uncertain about what foods you should give your baby at 6 months, you can review our 6 month baby feeding article.

Generally, the meals of babies who start to supplement food are prepared by cooking a few vegetables and fruits or mashing them raw and given to the baby by spoon by their mother; So there is a mother in the center.

Baby-led feeding and supplementary food center baby There.

What is the Blw method? You can watch our video.

What is the purpose of the BLW method?

The aim of the BLW method is not to feed the baby until the age of 1, but to meet the baby's food.

Familiarity with different tastes and smells.

When your baby is introduced to supplementary foods, it still meets most of its needs from breast milk and formula formula if it cannot get breast milk.

Mothers who feed their baby with formula formula may think as follows; Formül as soon as the solid food formula, but the formula decreases ”but this perception is wrong, because your baby's digestion is not yet ready for that amount of solid food.

When is the BLW Method Applied?

In the BLW method, the baby starts to eat additional food by eating the food with his own hands, at his own pace and at any amount.

If the baby has started to eat additional foods after 6 months, it can easily handle solid foods. He has the ability to grasp them and take them to his mouth.

The best time to start is between 6-8 months.

Why choose BLW?

Some parents focus on whether or not their babies eat a large amount of food, not whether they are fed traditionally or BLW.

So for them “No matter how the food is eaten!” status, or“That plate will end!” such perspectives. Should that plate end (!)

They keep their babies with themselves, and they are upset that the dish is not finished and that they ate less today. In fact, this attitude is very wrong. For example, the stomach capacity of a 6-month-old baby Up to 1 tea cup.

Every baby's stomach is as fist.

Please, dear mothers, act with this in mind and don't upset yourself and force your baby to finish the plate.

The BLW method is a very successful method, which is based on a very good philosophy, but it should be done in expert hands. We certainly do not recommend this method if the mother is afraid. Because, the danger of choking the baby boosts too much.

When I explain this method, I always say;

Bırak Leave it free but follow it! ”

Now let's examine together why you should choose BLW method for your baby;

  • While feeding your baby with a spoon, you can feed more than one food at the same time by turning into puree. However, this method prevents your baby from recognizing food.
With BLW, your baby learns about the color, smell and taste of each food individually.
  • Feeding with a spoon will feed your baby more. Although this may seem profitable in the short term, it may be harmful in the long term. Because you keep feeding your baby with a spoon, feed more than you need In the future, your baby may develop negative emotions against eating, and the feeding time becomes a source of stress and may even cause obesity.

The baby fed with the BLW method decides the amount of food itself.

  • Your own decision-making mini improves self-control and increases self-confidence.
  • By eating at your own pace, your mini will experience the confidence of being in control and get away from stress.
  • your BabyBaby Led Weaning When you feed on the table you sit together. So you can spend time together and not starve while feeding your baby. The hungry, non-hungry mother is more patient and tolerant towards her baby.
  • Eating their own food with their own hands Improves your baby's motor skills.
  • When the babies who feed themselves grow up, they have more responsibility than the babies whose mothers eat.

Preparation of Food and Beverages in accordance with the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) Method

The basis of this method is to eat and drink by yourself, so you can prepare meals for the baby. easy-to-eat features must have.

Foods should be soft enough that the baby can easily tear and crush with the palate.

Foods should be cooked in steam or oven to avoid losing vitamin value. Cook food with your own taste; into tomato paste, spices, salt It is healthier not to include such materials. Click for prohibited foods before the age of 1 year.

Preparing fruits and vegetables in the form of finger food will help your baby to grasp and eat comfortably.

BLW method Babies can also consume their own drinks. For this, you can easily put a small amount of drink into a glass that is unbreakable and easy to grasp.

He will pour most of it in the first place, but then he will get used to it. Using a practice cup will also make your work much easier.

When starting the BLW method, do not expect hart hurt to bite and eat as soon as you put it in front of the first day. 90% of the food you put on the ground will be crushed and crushed maybe eggs in your ear between the fingers of green lentils will come out, but believe it will be worth it.

Parents to Consider When Applying the BLW Method

In 2004, the American Dietetic Association published a study of children from 4 months to 24 months were followed.Self-feeding babiesIt was found that they ate more energizing and nutritious foods than those who did not feed themselves.

Infants were also found to be higher in self-feeding infants when compared in terms of intake such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B.

Hundreds of books have been written about baby care and development. I'm sure you've read most of it and you've given the author the right. No matter how objective an application is based on scientific data, it is important to remember that each baby is special and different.

Baby Led Weaning method Although the mode of administration is correct for one baby, it may not be suitable for another baby due to individual differences. Nevertheless, some issues are important, common points for every baby.

Before starting the method, you should make sure that your baby is ready to eat on his own.

Your baby;

  • Lost his reflex to throw out food with his tongue
  • Can sit upright without support
  • Hands and fingers can grasp objects
  • Ready and ready to chew
  • If you are eager to sit down with you, you can try the Baby Led Weaning method.
  1. You should prepare your meal time according to your baby's meal time, first ensure that your baby eats and then you avoid sitting at the table. It will motivate him to sit at the table and start eating at the same time, increase his self-confidence and make him feel that he is a member of the family.
  2. your Baby eat under your supervision should eat. You should never leave your miniature alone at the table in order to prevent unwanted accidents such as food escaping into the trachea and causing suffocation.
  3. The food you prepare should be in a size that your baby can easily grasp and hold.
  4. Your baby's throat and likely to get stuck you should not give hard and granular food to your baby.
  5. Considering the fact that your baby does not have teeth in the 6th month and there is a maximum of 1 or 2, you should prepare the foods with the softness that your baby can chew with the help of his palate.
  6. I suggest you put a cover under the high chair. Thus, whether your baby is spilled on the ground while eating or stressing yourself and your baby will not make you uneasy.
  7. your baby an allergic structure or difficulty in swallowing and chewing This method may not be suitable for you if you have digestive problems such as. We recommend that you do not try without consulting your doctor.
  8. Do not give up immediately when your baby does not eat this way; because it may not be ready yet. Feel free to try again at certain intervals.

Nutrition is one of the basic vital activities of a living thing. This activity is much more important for babies.

Because the well-fed baby's immune system is strengthened and growth and development are supported.

Blw method Babies who are fed with not only provide physical benefit but also emotional and psychological benefit. If you want your child to be a responsible, confident, successful individual in the future, this is one of the strongest steps to take early.

Leave a comment below this article to share your experiences with us. If you have any questions, you can ask our questions and answers.


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