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36 Month Infant Development

36 Month Infant Development

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  • He can jump, run! We can say you're starting a little naughty. 🙂
  • He can comfortably play the ball and hold a ball thrown at himself.
  • He starts to form sentences longer than 3 words.
  • He starts to ask a lot of questions, especially when he wonders why.
  • He can start making sentences of two to three words.
  • Can complete large pieces of puzzles.
  • He is aware of his sexual identity. If you have not provided toilet training yet, it is ready for toilet training.
  • His memory develops and he begins to remember most things more easily than before.
  • He becomes more comfortable with his friends and can play games.

36 Month Baby Feeding

Babies may want to consume smaller portions at the age of 3 and may say that they are constantly saturated. This does not mean that your baby's appetite is reduced, you do not have to worry. This is because the growth rate has slowed down.

You should give your baby meals in small portions but in a nutritious way.

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3 Year Old Baby Recipes

Some recipes that you can easily apply to your 3-year-old baby:

How Much Weight Should a 36 Month Baby Have?

The 36-month-old male baby weighs an average of 16 kg and the 36-month-old female baby weighs an average of 15 kg.

If you think your baby is gaining weight and you are wondering why, my baby is losing weight, why? You can read our article.

36 Months Baby Height How Many cm Should Be?

  • 36 month old baby girl height limit: 87 cm
  • 36 month old baby girl height upper limit: 102 cm
  • 36 months old baby boy height lower limit: 89 cm
  • 36 months old baby boy height upper limit: 103 cm

36 Months Sleep

As your baby socializes and starts playing, your sleep may become more difficult. He may refuse to sleep. In such periods, we advise you to approach him calmly and to consult your sleep counselor if the problem is very big.

Usually if you get tired during the day, you can get the sleep time earlier.

You can now change the bearing. A child who is 3 years old can move from a normal small bed to a larger bed.

Age 3 Syndrome

No matter how famous and challenging the 2-year syndrome is, we can say the same for 3 years. Your baby will want to be free in every sense during this period. Self-catering, self-dressing, self-bathing, and so much more… Of course, you should let him do some of it himself.

Especially the self-esteem of children who eat their own meals and the children who wear their own clothes are more developed than others. So don't scare these sides of 3-year-old syndrome. Let your house be polluted for a while… As long as it has discovered its individual characteristics. 🙂

The most unbearable aspect of 3-year-old syndrome, anger and stubbornness. Your baby may sometimes persist to avoid taking a medicine, sometimes not to sleep, sometimes not to return home, and may be more angry than you might expect. The most important of these periods is that the mother is calm and takes care not to annoy her any more. Since your baby has not yet consciously will not give up consciously.

So how do I handle it?

Distracting him! The best way to deal with syndromes is to draw his attention to other directions. You can try to calm her down by starting to sing her favorite song, bringing a favorite meal, talking about a good past moment.

3-Year-Old Child's Intelligence Development

  • Development of your baby's intelligence and health Remember that the first step is healthy eating.
  • In addition to healthy eating, you can play games that support the development of intelligence together.
  • You can benefit from a variety of activity courses.
  • If there is an area that you think is of interest, you can support it with toys that will direct it. For example, If he loves musical instruments, you can buy him a toy musical instrument.
  • You should read plenty of books. So you will teach him the concepts you want to teach by storytelling.
  • Making her choose her own clothes you can make decisions about both colors and harmonies.
  • Him can teach children songs. Many children's songs make some supportive statements for his development. Song is the best learning method for your baby.

36 Month Baby Toys

Parentally controlled bicycles, You can switch to tricycles. Your baby can, of course, start cycling, provided you are under your supervision.

Books are very important in this period as in all periods. Especially 3 years of age when the imagination develops too much Books can be your best friend and piece of cake.

As he begins to fully distinguish colors, You can get toys about colors. This will keep him entertained and he will be happy to feel successful.

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