What is Fatma Mother's Hand? 7 Benefits!

What is Fatma Mother's Hand? 7 Benefits!

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What is Fatma Mother's Hand? 7 Benefits!

Today, many plant cures applied by couples who want to have children and use herbal supplements It is available. These fertility-supporting plants, which are among the methods used both by families who want to have a baby and couples who try to have a baby or not, are frequently preferred.

While some plants are used to get pregnant, there are plants that are used for a more comfortable and easier birth.

TomboyThis is a medicinal plant that can be used for two purposes.

What is Fatma main hand grass, which is also known by different names among the people, where it grows, what kind of benefits are there and how is it used? Let us examine together;

History of Fatma Mother's Hand

Fatma main hand grass, Latin 'Anastatika Hierochuntica ' is a plant that grows in Arabia. Among the people of the Virgin Mary grass, Virgin Mary Hand, Tincture, Virgin Mary Hand GrassAvailable in different names, such as virgin Mary.

It resembles a closed tuber-shaped hand and is named by such names. It is surrounded by covered dry branches, similar to a dry root. The color is dry twig color and taste cinnamon reminiscent of the taste.

Story of the Virgin MaryExtends to South Africa. The homeland of the plant is the Namib Deserts. For centuries, the benefits of this herb have been utilized both in Anatolian civilizations and in European civilizations.

Having a medicinal herb because of its use in old times was often preferred. When it rains or thrown into the water, the plant turns green and looks like a palm.

The reproduction of this plant in nature is also possible with rain. When it rains, the plant opens and leaves the seeds in the soil and multiplies by itself. One of the reasons it is opened with rain is that it stores rain water in its trunk and when it closes again as a dry root, it keeps this water until its next opening.

What are the Benefits of Fatma Ana Eli Grass?

Since ancient times, many plants have been used to cure diseases. Virgin Mary Hand Grass It is a kind of herb that is believed to have healing in both Christianity and Islam. Therefore,

Virgin Mary and Fatma are integrated with the main names. According to belief; The person who uses the plant finds healing with the help of Mother Mary or Fatma.

Apart from these beliefs Tincture it also benefits many ailments:

  • Used as Natural Estrogen Supplement!

Virgin Mary, In line with the benefits it provides, it has become a plant that appeals mostly to the use of women. The main reason for this is the high amount of estrogen hormone contains.

This plant can be used as an estrogen supplement in case of need during menopause or during pregnancy, provided that a doctor is consulted.

  • Helps to Get Pregnant!

Virgin Mary HandIt is integrated with the fertility of women because it is a self-seeding plant species. Self-insemination of the seeds in the rain by shedding their seeds on the environment is similar to the ovulation period of women.

Those who want to have a baby by using Mary grass ovulation is easier to take place and easier to get pregnant.
  • Makes Birth Easier!

Fatma's mother hand makes it easier for women who use it when it is time to give birth. There is a decrease in the labor pains of women using this herb and the cervix shows a more comfortable opening.

Virgin Mary entering the birth into a bowl full of water discard, it opens slowly. It is believed that the womb of the mother opens as the Virgin Mary opens. Thus, a more painless and painless, more comfortable birth is experienced.

  • Reduces Uterine Bleeding After Birth!

Tomboy in women blood flow accelerator effect. Thus, it reduces the uterine bleeding after birth and accelerates the process of reintegration of the uterus.

The recovery phase after birth is easier.

  • Helps Treat Skin Wounds!

Fatma's main hand contains rich antioxidants. It also has an antibacterial property. Because of these properties, this plant is used in the treatment of some skin wounds.

With the application of cure plant water to the injured area, the wounds show faster recovery.

  • Useful Against Urinary Incontinence Problem!

It was seen that Fatma's mother hand had a positive effect on the incontinence problem that occurred during childhood. When a person with urinary incontinence applies this plant as a cure, the symptoms are reduced.

  • Increases the number of sperm cells in men!

Virgin Mary herb has a positive effect on increasing the sperm count of men. Men who are thinking of having a child can use this plant to increase sperm cell counts.

In addition, with the help of the virgin Mary sperm cells, the ovaries are easier to settle.

How to Use Fatma Mother's Hand (Virgin Mary Herb)?

Another question about this plant is, 'How to use tuna main hand grass? ' It is the question. Fatma's main hand is consumed in different ways according to the intended use;

  • Those who want to get pregnant; Fatma should put her main hand into a jug of water and wait for a day. Then each spouse should drink one glass of water each evening and continue to drink every night until the jug is over. After the water is finished, the herb can be taken from the jug and stored in a corner and the same plant can be used again.
  • Those who want to make birth easier; Just before the birth or when the water comes, the Virgin Mary should put herbs in the water for about half an hour and then consume only one glass of this water. By leaving the grass in the water, it can be opened completely. This cure helps the uterus to expand more easily at birth.
  • Urinary incontinence problems; water drinking a glass every day When applied in the form of cure, a decrease is observed.
  • Skin wounds; if the wound is in an area that can be inserted into the water, such as hands, arms, legs, weed should be kept in water for a while and the wounded area should be kept in this water for 5 minutes every night, then rinsed. Exchange rate, For 21 days applied regularly. If the wound cannot be inserted into the water, the water of the herb should be added to the shower water and spread around the body.

Where can Fatma Mother's Weed (Virgin Mary's Weed) be obtained?

The fact that it is a frequently sought-after plant due to its many healing properties raises the question of where to buy Fatma mother herb.

This herb can be found in many herbs. Due to the fact that the region where it grows is Arabia, some people believe that it is more reliable than their homeland. from Arabia can also bring. You can obtain this plant from a relative or a trustee who you trust.

Because it is an attractive medicinal plant with many benefits, it should not be forgotten that it should be used carefully. For those with chronic diseases and especially pregnant Tomboy If you want to use it, you should always consult a specialist or doctor before consuming.

Attention! Care should be taken not to consume more than 1-2 glasses a day.

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