Did you do a normal cesarean birth?

Did you do a normal cesarean birth?

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This week, Op. Dr. We interviewed with Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu.

: Can you give information about normal birth?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: Normal birth is the birth of the baby through the mother's birth canal. It is divided into three phases: i) The first phase, from the beginning of the pains to the fullness of the patency ii) The birth of the baby iii) The birth of the placenta.

: How do you evaluate the expectation of mothers not to prefer normal birth in recent years as a physician?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: In recent years, mothers in our country to avoid normal birth is not an obsession that they have developed improperly (then our answer would be simple!). Our hospitals with inadequate conditions, the inability to perform the art of birth, and the bad experiences caused by these conditions have circulated from language to language and have almost rightfully frightened people away from normal birth.

Normal birth is not doğum left birth doğum! Rather, it requires good birth knowledge, close attention and follow-up. It is not possible to establish the conditions of modern birth science in many hospitals and our colleagues make the decision of Caesarean section which is more “guarantee kolayca. In fact, generally speaking, operating room conditions in our hospitals are better than delivery room conditions. From the patient's point of view, şey pain ”seems to be the most suggestive decision to decide on normal delivery. This is usually described as vaginal tears, uterine prolapse, very long births and so on is added to give birth to heroes, but it seems to be a job that heroes can attempt! In reality, it doesn't have to be.

: When should a expectant mother apply to the hospital?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: Pregnant mothers should first know the signs of birth. These are the three main ones: “Engagement”, Pains, and “Water” an The engagement is usually a small amount of bloody, sticky or jelly appearance that precedes the start of pains.

The pains start at the lower middle of the waist and go down to the groin on both sides. The peculiarity of labor is that it is rhythmic, that is, it repeats at regular intervals. Initially it comes in 15-20 minutes intervals and lasts for at least 20 seconds.

The baby's water sac usually maintains its integrity until the birth pains begin, sometimes even until birth is very close, and is usually opened by the physician or midwife. On the contrary, it is spontaneous opening before birth pains and signs. In this case, the patient suddenly feels wet as if he had spilled from the cup. It is an important symptom and requires hospital admission.

: What are the advantages and disadvantages of normal birth?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: Normal birth has some advantages, both for the mother and for her (unlike many think). From the mother's perspective:

a) Return to normal life is faster. The movements after cesarean section are more limited.

b) After normal birth, the body (especially the abdomen) returns to normal shape better and faster than Caesarean section.

c) There may be some pain if the suture is performed after normal delivery (episode), but there is a period of almost complete painless confinement. In cesarean section, the first day is a bit uncomfortable and requires strong painkillers (epidural is also a very valuable method here).

d) There is a risk that general anesthesia may endanger the mother's life, albeit very rarely (one in ten thousand). In normal delivery, general anesthesia is rarely required (such as when the placenta needs to be removed manually).

e) Many mothers (especially in the first birth) express the lack of not being able to witness the birth of the baby after the caesarean section and not being able to hold the baby in her arms immediately. They may even have feelings for the birth of the baby, such as amış not being able to do something gereken, which may only be understood by women (gentlemen, I wouldn't understand if I wasn't involved!)…

In terms of baby:
a) In completely healthy infants, transient tachypnea of ​​the newborn (short-term respiratory distress) is more common in Caesarean section.

: Under what conditions should caesarean be applied? What?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: It is the most natural form of the birth of a baby on the name of normal birth. However, centuries ago, people found the way to remove the baby from the abdomen in cases of difficulty in giving birth, and Caesarean section was thus “born”. The frequency of applying for caesarean section has changed over the years and is still controversial since it depends on social structure, opportunities and many other factors. Let us first mention the commonly accepted conditions that require a Caesarean section: these are mainly the placenta (spouse) coming in front of the baby or closing the internal opening of the uterus canal, the baby being too large relative to the mother's birth canal, and the baby standing in the lateral position in the uterus and cord as an example. It is sagging. There are some necessities in birth science which we call relative. For example, if the birth is considered as an indication of cesarean section (necessity) especially in the first delivery, some births may go to vaginal delivery depending on the weight of the baby. . The most common of these is that the baby does not progress despite the pains. Nowadays, in all modern hospitals, electronic monitors monitor the baby's heartbeat during labor. In this way, if a problem occurs in the baby if vaginal delivery will be long for cesarean section should be done.

The order in which normal delivery can be best managed is the system called LDRP.

: What is the LDRP system you are talking about?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: LDRP English is a short name for a system that allows birth pains, birth and postpartum to take place in the same place. Although this seems to be an approach imported from America, it is the standard practice of National Health Service Hospitals in England for 50 years (or more) İngiltere Considering that the women who give birth at home in our country and everywhere in the world apply the same system. However, if we go into details, we can find many new and beautiful features.

Perhaps the most important of these features is the complete completion of the delivery process in a room in the comfort of the home and the fact that the birth phenomenon is not moved to another new, at least in appearance, cold location that shocked the expectant mother. In this respect, the advantages of home birth are combined with the possibilities of hospital birth. In this way, it is possible to reach a happy end without the need to deal with eerie concepts such as “Pain” (the thing we want to make you suffer the least) and the “Birth Hall an which evokes the operating room.

LDRP All medical facilities are available in the suite, although you may not see many of them. General anesthesia, necessary surgical intervention sets, everything that may be needed for all emergencies özel The special bed that you can sleep normally and does not look different from the beds in our other rooms is the most modern birth bed used in the world today and it is adjusted immediately when the time comes. If you want a comfortable seat next to you or your partner to accompany you. You can take your baby in your arms immediately after the first care (by the Neonatal Specialist Dr. present at each delivery) in the same suite. After the first few hours after birth LDRP suite is preferred. You can then move to a room as you wish.

: Epidural analgesia increased the number of people who prefer birth. What is this method? What are the points to know?
Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu: Epidural Analgesia is still the most effective method used to relieve birth pain today. A local anesthetic is first applied to the lumbar region. A special needle is injected by an anesthesiologist who is experienced and specialized in this area a few times away from the spinal cord, the term “epidural Ark. The end of a thin plastic tube passed through the needle used is left in this gap and the needle is pulled. This tube is given new doses every few hours as required, and the sense of pain is prevented throughout the labor, during labor and postpartum.

We would like to draw attention to a few points that are misunderstood here. “Analgesia” means simply eliminating the feeling of pain, and “Anesthesia” means eliminating pain, touch, position and other senses. Epidural technique can be used to adjust the dose.

1: This method is used for analgesia at birth (pain relief), does not prevent uterine contractions. Therefore, it does not delay delivery. On the contrary, it helps in this because it prevents tiredness due to pain. In the same method, a full anesthesia (inhibition of all senses and mobility) down the abdomen can be achieved by using a higher dose, so that caesarean section can be performed. Tightening can be achieved by adjusting the renewed doses when delivery approaches. In this case, straining is possible even if you do not feel the labor pains and can be delivered without using forceps or vacuum. After the birth, re-medication can be provided for suture if necessary.

2: Epidural Anesthesia is completely safe in a hand with expert experience. There is no case of paralysis.

3: It is advantageous because it can completely prevent postoperative pain especially in cesarean deliveries. The epidural catheter can be left in place for 2 days, during which time effective analgesia (without disrupting the ability to get up and walk) continues.

4: After caesarean section, most mothers may experience a lack or sadness because they cannot witness their birth and cannot touch their babies immediately. Epidural anesthesia is also preferred in this respect. The baby born in the operating room is shown to the mother who is awake but does not feel the operation and can be provided to share this happy moment with her husband immediately.

5: Rarely, the level of anesthesia required for caesarean section may not occur. In this case, it may be assisted with a relieving drug or fully switched to general anesthesia. This is a few seconds work for the anesthesiologist and does not adversely affect the course of the operation or the baby. General anesthesia is also preferred in terms of speed in cases where caesarean section should be performed urgently.


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