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11 Successful People with Montessori Training!

11 Successful People with Montessori Training!

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11 Successful People with Montessori Training

Montessori Education started to become popular in recent years in Turkey, it is primarily a method of education has begun to be implemented much earlier than in developed countries, including Europe.

Today, Montessori education in Turkey have received much, if not in the world adults have grown up with this method of education and training opportunities offered by the understanding that there are people who have been successful thanks to him.

Even though the number of these people is not very high, the benefits that they bring to the world by their work is quite high. He managed to make his name known to the world. people with montessori training who you are wondering, let's have a look.

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Joshua David Bell

He is the world a famous violin virtuoso and also conductor. Born in 1967, Joshua David Bell's mother was a therapist, and his father was a psychologist and professor at the university.

Bell started to take violin lessons at an early age and was also educated with montessori education. As a result of this understanding of education, it gave him a chance to progress at his own pace and reveal his talents. Grammy and Pulitzer awards.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller, a political activist, writer and lecturer, was born in 1880 in Alabama, United States.

At the age of 1.5, he suffered from a febrile illness and lost his vision, hearing and speech. From the age of 8 montessori education He was taught to read, write and speak. In 1904, he became the first blind and deaf person to receive undergraduate education.

In 1903, he wrote his own life during his university years, which was then translated into 50 languages. Ü The Story of My Life ” published.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Themselves “Google Guys” also referred to as. Because this pair; today you are the founders of Google, the most advanced search engine that you even use to investigate this issue.

A common feature of the duo who is a student of Stanford University computer department and met each other for the first time; from a young age to the center of the student and according to their own abilities, allowing them to progress at their own pace montessori training received.

Marc Zuckerberg

Marc Elliot Zuckerberg was born in 1984 in New York, USA. He is one of the founders of Facebook and a successful entrepreneur who is also the president.

The fact that Zuckerberg, who was educated in a montessori school, wrote his first computer program at the age of 10, is the greatest proof of the opportunities that this understanding of education offers him, including project-based education and cooperative learning.

Jeff Bezos

In 2018, Forbes magazine published “World Billionaires” Jeff Bezos is the first in the list with his fortune.

Born in 1964, Bezos is the founder of, the world-famous online shopping brand. The basis of this success is also free, entrepreneurial and student-centered montessori training is located.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

He is known as Gabo and his real name is Gabriel Jose De La Consiliacion Garcia Marquez. He is a Nobel Laureate in Literature and a world-renowned writer. World literature classics “Century of Solitude” is his book.

The famous author, who was born in Colombia in 1927, stated that he was caught up with the desire for literature with montessori education at a young age.

Beyonce Knowles

The world-renowned American singer is also a successful songwriter and actor.

Born in Houston in 1981, Beyonce's talents emerged at a Montessori-based educational institution, where she became interested in music at the age of seven.

Knowles, thanks to the foundations of the educational approach that attaches great importance to art and artist as well as science and academic success, has been awarded 16 Grammy awards.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. During the turbulent times of World War II, he began his education with a school attended by Jewish students.

In the harsh conditions of the war years, as in montessori education, he developed his skills by observing and sharing his experiences in his diary. Today translated into 67 languages “Anna Frank's Memo Book” He showed the terrible face of war to the whole world once again.

Alan Rickmen

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickmen was born in London, England in 1946; He is a good stage actor, theater director and film actor.

Rickmen completed his primary education in a school that adopted the montessori approach. The Montessori understanding of education allows the individual to express himself / herself in front of a community and to be accepted as he / she is.

The role in the Harry Potter series Sever Professor Severus Snape ” character, Alan Rickmen 's reputation spread even more, original, successful and confident character in the formation of this understanding of education has a role to say.

Yo Yo Ma

Born in Paris in 1955, Yo Yo Ma is a world-renowned cellist. She was born to a Chinese family. Since his father was a composer and interested in music, he discovered Yo Yo Ma's interest in music at an early age and made him make a special cello.

He made his first concert at the age of 7 and will be known for the first time as the person who interprets tango music with cello.

Ma's interest in music at an early age, as well as his father's being a musician; Montessori's education at an early age also contributed to his musical talent and the courage to face a 7-year-old community.

Dakota Fanning

A well-known actor, Hannah Dakota Fanning was born in 1994 in the United States.

Firstly “My name is Sam” Fanning became known in film world for his role in film.

The famous actor stated that the basis of his success was that the montessori education he had received at a young age gave him the chance to progress in line with his own speed and abilities rather than at the same speed as everyone else.


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