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How is Baby Shoe Size Calculated?

How is Baby Shoe Size Calculated?

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How is Baby Shoe Size Calculated?

Since foot health, which should be given importance at every age, is an issue to be considered from the first development, in this article we will provide you with an idea about the foot health of your little babies.

How do we take care of our baby's foot health, baby shoe number how to determine, what should we pay attention to when buying baby shoes, how to take the foot size of the baby by processing issues such as the importance of foot health will try to draw your attention.

Baby shoe sizes; it is based on the distance between your baby's longest finger and heel.

The length you will get after this measurement and the following baby foot number table information, you can buy baby shoes that match the foot number of your pup.

BABY LARGE14.2 CM12-18 MONTHS21-22
BABY X LARGE15.5 CM18-27 MONTHS23-24

How do we pay attention to baby foot health?

Our babies start to develop from the first moment they are born. He expresses his happiness with his little smiles and cries of his discomfort and shows his first reactions.

Then slowly begins to turn left and right; sitting, crawling and walking Learns. How happy we are in his first tiny step, how funny he is when he tries to keep his balance.

After the first steps of our baby shoes to prevent him falling down, we want to feel comfortable. But sometimes I couldn't stand it, and unhealthy baby shoes are able to choose.

So, how can we take care of our baby's foot health:

  • Baby foot measure should be taken and shoes that fit this size should be preferred.
  • They should be allowed to walk with bare feet or non-slip socks until they are two years old.
  • Hard shoes should be avoided, flexible shoes should be preferred.
  • Big shoes, such as small, narrow shoes should not be dressed.
  • Their best observer is their mother. If you see any problems such as flat soles or stepping in your baby's feet foot specialist organizations.

What Should We Pay Attention When Buying Baby And Child Shoes?

  • Baby shoes are made of soft natural leather, should be flexible soles and support the ankle. create a balance problem should not be in a design.
  • One of the most important points to take into consideration when buying baby shoes is that the sole is able to prevent slipping.

For example, you may prefer shoes with a soled sole.

  • Another important issue in baby shoes is the feeling of contact with the ground. With this feeling, your baby will try to balance and learn to walk in a dream.
  • As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the shoes you will get for your baby should not be too tight, nor will their feet grow anyhow. should not be abundant.
There should be a gap in the front of the shoe and your baby's foot should be enough to grasp.
  • You can check the facial expression by taking a few steps after dressing the shoe in order to test whether the shoe you will buy is suitable for your baby's foot size. No expression of pain or with that sketchy talk If you do not have negative feedback, it means no problem.
  • During the developmental period, especially in childhood, foot health should be paid attention. Baby foot number table we shared in our article foot number according to child's age We also shared information with you. You can choose the shoes that fit this table.
  • Shoes that are not suitable for the use of your baby or child, such as heels, leather, suede should not be preferred. After all, these are children! They will run, jump, jump, and the shoes will wear out faster than you expect. The material aspect of the work should also be considered.

  • Consider the material dimension, but if it is your child's health, never be stingy for his or her health. Never forget that the skin of infants and children may be more susceptible to allergic reactions. To reduce cost, avoid shoes made of poor quality materials. We, as parents, should avoid such shoes. Because synthetic harmful substances used in such products, as a result of contact with the skin can cause cancer.
  • Our babies and children can sweat their feet because they are very active and as a result itching, rash, fungus, allergy, eczema etc. problems. At this point, you can buy shoes made of non-perspiring materials and designed to be breathable.
  • Finally, if we have ensured the size and comfort of the foot and we have no doubts about it, your baby or child will be Choose your favorite model Provide. After all, even if they are baby, they have a fashion for themselves, isn't it? Don't make her wear a shoe she doesn't want.

Why Choose Baby Shoes?

our Baby bone, cartilage and muscle structure the shoes you choose will not affect the development of the tiny feet.

Choosing the wrong shoes can prevent your child's foot development and cause various health problems later in life.

The wrong choice of shoes can cause your baby to have trouble with his or her feet throughout his life. Therefore, you should give importance to your baby's foot health, avoid shoes that prevent them from developing and be sensitive and selective about the shoes we will buy.

Rather than appearing, you should be more concerned about whether it is comfortable and healthy!

When Should We Dress Baby Shoes?

Experts recommend that baby shoes should not be worn before starting to walk (especially before age 2).

Because your baby's feet will not be able to move with the awareness of the shoes in his feet because the muscle structure has not yet developed. As your baby's soles touch the ground, the foot muscles will develop and the tiny feet will begin to explore the action of walking.

For this, instead of baby shoes on the flat floor with non-slip socks or booties you can let your baby walk.

Experts learn the health and balance of the tiny feet, or with infants' shoes against diseases such as stepping in or flat soles. support emphasizes that it is wrong. They also say that baby shoes may be preferable to protect tiny feet from cold or heat when going out, or to protect against dangerous substances on the ground.

With this approach, the shoes we prefer for our baby should be comfortable first of all. The tiny feet should be able to play freely in the shoe.

First of all, we need to ensure that the tiny feet are comfortable in the shoes. That's right. baby shoe number detection and choosing the appropriate shoes for this number.

This adventure started with crawling, walking and running will continue with. When your baby is still small, you will not have any mischief with his feet that he takes to the brim without realizing it, and will learn to walk and balance in a dream.

Therefore, we wanted to draw your attention to why baby development is so important. We hope you will benefit, we wish you health.

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