Excess Water in Pregnancy

Excess Water in Pregnancy

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Why is Amniotic Fluid Important?

During pregnancy, the baby's water is more than normal, is called polyhydramnios.

Amniotic fluid volume provides the balance between the construction and consumption of the liquid. Amniotic fluid occurs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, especially with fetal urine production and leakage of alveolar fluid in the fetal lungs.

The elimination of the fluid occurs primarily by the baby's swallowing of the fluid and absorption of the fluid from the placental surface.

Amniotic fluidDuring pregnancy, plays an important role:

  • Appropriate shaping of the skeletal system by providing the necessary physical space for the development of the baby during this period,
  • Providing lung development,
  • Protection of the baby from external trauma
  • Provides the baby away from stress.

The volume of amniotic fluid is usually maximized at 32 weeks of gestation. At 36 weeks, it becomes 1 liter and eventually decreases evenly until the week.

Excess Water in Pregnancy

Excessive water during pregnancy is one of the situations that concern the mothers.

At the same time, low amniotic fluid is as important and vital as it is.

In cases where the amniotic fluid is not observed, it may cause serious conditions in the future for the mother and the baby. 1 percent of excess amniotic fluid is determined. The reason for this has not yet been determined.

Mi Does Amniotic Fluid Excess Prevent Normal Delivery? ”

Other Causes of Amniotic Fluid Excess;

  1. Baby central nervous system and digestive system Abnormal infants with abnormal amniotic fluid in the baby's central nervous system is impaired due to abnormalities in the swallowing mechanism.
  2. Chromosomal anomaly rate up to 35 percent. The most common anomalies are trisomy 13, 18 and 21. Genetic problems also trigger this condition.
  3. Baby swallowing mechanism There may be an increase in the volume of amniotic fluid.
  4. Your mother's diabetes may cause an increase in the volume of amniotic fluid. Bad sugar and fetal anomalies are detected together with the excess sugar in the baby's mother, the amount of sugar in the baby's blood increases. Thus, increased sugar level in the baby's blood causes the baby to urinate more and amniotic fluid increases.
  5. More than one baby or twin to twin transfusion.

What to do if the amniotic fluid is low?

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