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Aries Male (21 March - 20 April)

  • You've seen one of the influences that can't stand still, looks young despite its advancing age, acts young, makes their own ideas with creative energy. coach is male.
  • If you are a heavy-blooded person, he cannot bear you, his watches are focused on a moving flow.
He has a steady attitude towards the correctness of his own ideas and thoughts, and does not like to be unfair and give too much rights to the other person.
  • They are very generous, easily spend money for their loved ones, do not plan for tomorrow, but when the typical coach is stubborn, they can be selfish, intolerant and inconsiderate enough to drive everyone crazy.
  • They want a respectable status to be counted because of their desire to rule in business life.
  • A coach man who is in love; it is really amazing, idealism and sensuality, a lover who doesn't like to quit and leave… Deception is contrary to his idealistic ideas!
  • Aries are jealous of men, he wants your whole world to be him.
  • He wants you to be independent on the one hand, to take care of yourself and to stand behind a few steps.

Male Taurus (21 April-21 May)

  • Taurus male is quiet, calm, cautious, careful, practical but slow-moving.
  • He is very patient, but when you press on his vein, he can attack as if you have seen red.
  • He loves everything natural.
  • Because of its calm structure, you may like fishing, camping, living in a house by the lake, dealing with flowers and other plants, and taking long walks.
  • He will prefer home cooking over ready meals. Even though he often goes out to dinner, you'll enjoy eating something similar to his mother's cooking. Taurus men how to cook their own food also try.
  • They have no problem with money. Taurus men either earn a lot or enough to secure their lives…
They can be tired and seedy because they work so hard, that you don't want them to be grumpy at times like this. zodiac sign the best thing you can do is allow it to rest or create a suitable environment for it.
  • A bull male in love; gentle, altruistic, protective.
  • Music stimulates your sensuality.
  • He won't forget the special days, he will get you the best gifts.
  • Taurus male love is simple and honest. This honesty will ensure that you remain faithfully loyal.
  • They are also generous and enjoy welcoming guests. You will not even want to leave your friends where you can make quality chats.

Gemini Male (May 22-June 21)

  • Two people who cannot stand still, who do not know what to do and where, will share a single body.
  • People like, hot, caring, loving to talkhas a structure that attracts attention with its fine humor and entertainment style in every environment it enters.
  • It can change at any moment and take on a different identity; unhappy if happyIf you are calm, you may be angry.
  • Quickly squeezed structure can not tolerate much dramatic behavior.
  • They usually look for a partner at or above their intelligence level.
  • He is quite realistic and does not want to be impersonal, with a slave spirit.
He will be there for you whenever you need him and he will solve the problems, but don't try to put him in a sweltering grenade!
  • Interesting, intelligent, exciting to make you happy while suddenly you can be critical, impatient, grumpy, cynical, distant and cold.
  • If you can achieve a spiritual harmony a long-term relationship can.
  • One moment is very generous, two minutes later it can be very stingy. But he's usually generous.
Instead of saving money and information, they share.
  • They constantly produce original ideas, even when they are unable to produce them.
  • Quickness of hand and intelligence is a successful businessman, but open to development, to produce projects, or they are more successful in communication, journalistic professions.
  • They make friends with everyone, whether men or women. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to normalize their relationship with women.
  • He is very upset that he is not trusted and misunderstood.

Cancer Male (22 June-23 July)

  • He is quiet, gentle, downcast, domesticated and sensitive.
It can take a long time to get to know crabs, they don't trust everyone and they don't keep secrets, even they have secrets that even their long-term friends don't know.
  • Even when the image is hard and insurmountable, it does not compromise its character.
  • Heartland soft and it is caring.
  • He usually behaves badly when he's afraid of losing.
  • He likes the trust of money, saves more than spending, is very punctual in payments.
  • Not stingy, but for luxury does not like to spend money.
  • Even crabs embedded in art, who fall in love with painting, music and other cultural events, appreciate the value of money.
  • They are also at the highest level in the professional field with their success in art. The seriousness in his life also applies to the clothing.
  • You don't see much of a crab in sportswear.
  • Sometimes crabs are usually domestic, even if they want to travel.
They are very fond of a warm home and their mother. It may take him a long time to leave the house if his mother provides him with a warm home.
  • When he finds the person he is looking for, he takes on an emotional and sensitive structure, gives gifts and drowns his partner in love.
  • The standards it seeks are high.
When they want to get married, they will look for a partner to provide the comfort that their mothers provide.
  • He wants to be compassionate, to fall on, to have a prop around him when he is sick. They like to be loved and caressed. Also good They cook, makes good meals.
  • He is a cultured person, fond of the good things in life.
Although you are afraid to make an easy relationship, you cannot escape when you are caught in the clamp…

Male Leo (July 24-August 23)

  • Under his polite and patient image, there is a proud and arrogant arrogance, ready to flare up at any moment
  • Compassionately protecting, loving in a sensitive way, is generous enough to repay when he sees the respect.
  • Although they are good, male lions often don't show enough attention to the people around them from being cheerful with themselves, and they can also be brutal and brutal.
He's more stubborn than he looks, he knows what he wants.
  • For lion men, leadership, being ahead in every opinion, admiration and respect is very important everywhere.
  • He is a man of great excitement and great deeds.
He wants to give orders, to be loved by those under his command.
  • He's very afraid of failure.
  • He cannot tolerate being ridiculed.
  • He doesn't want his partner to be superior to himself.
  • He is a protective, romantic partner, but he has rules.
He doesn't like to compete with other men because he considers himself unbeatable.
  • He loves the pretentious and luxurious life, and does not hesitate to spend money.
  • His intentions are not evil when he emits fire. They like to do sports but prefer to sit in their comfortable home at an advanced age.

Male Virgo (24 August-23 September)

  • He is a disciplined, practical, idealist person full of love for work.
Their sharp minds certainly find a situation to criticize, but they do not like to be criticized.
  • Cleanliness, order, honesty and sincere friendships are important to the spike.
  • They have a durability that can overcome all material and spiritual problems.
  • They are loyal to their friends and wives and break family ties They do not like.
Usually they are people who have feelings.
  • It may take them a long time to fall in love or find the person they're looking for.
  • Woman intelligence, cleanliness and order, simple beauty and sincerity seek.
  • Dramatic scenes, tears, cause them to get away, a quality draw is more important than anything.
  • You can't have fairy-tale loves in books with them.
  • Because it is often sifted and woven Platonic lives.
  • His shy and shyness saves him from improper relationships.
  • Though it takes many years to have a wife, he is insightful in all the problems that upset him when he is. considerate and kind It will behave.
He will not miss any details about their common lives, he will be a highly owned, reliable, hardworking, handsome, tidy, beautiful dressed, smart, polite and thoughtful wife.

Male of Libra (September 24-October 22)

  • He is adept at adapting everything to his own logic.
  • His charming and polite attitude makes it difficult for you to resist his logic games.
  • They are quite indecisive, they can change their decision immediately if they have doubts about something they have decided.
  • Libra men of others they don't like to hurt their feelings but when the fight holds, they can break many hearts.
  • They often confuse love and friendship
Their past love does not cause much damage to them, and they forget it very quickly.
  • He does everything he can to get the person he wants, applies to every trick, but doesn't know what to do after getting it.
  • Love seems to have been created for scales.
She is a kind and attractive person, but she may still have difficulty understanding you. He may not really understand what you longed for.
  • Typical scales are not stingy, generous and like guests. They have guests all the time, but they don't like crowds of foreigners.
  • They don't like to stay in confined spaces and mess, they want their houses to be in peace.

Male Scorpio (23 October-22 November)

  • Scorpions have an extreme passion for everything from life to death.
  • They don't know what to lose!
  • Intelligence and feelings equal use.
They're more than philosophers!
  • Innocent appearances have scorpion rage and poisonous needles.
  • Don't be fooled to be too polite, they don't tolerate ridicule and vulgarity.
  • Their own thinking is more important than everyone else's.
  • When he gets into trouble, he doesn't feel sorry for himself, he doesn't get depressed, he stands upright.
  • He loves mysterious things, no secrets can remain hidden in front of him, he examines everything and tries to learn.
  • He doesn't choose random friends.
  • They want their friends to meet their standards.
  • They tend to disguise their true intentions and sometimes behave like a cruel one.
  • He doesn't explain his true feelings to anyone. a true lover as it will be very different from others.
  • They're jealous, but they can't stand you being jealous.
  • Scorpio is also sympathetic, insightful, thoughtful a faithful wife He can meet his love for him with more.

Male Sagittarius (23 November-22 December)

The idealist is a warrior who pursues the cause.
  • He is a dreamer, if not blindly, and he has dreams he wants to realize even if no one believes.
  • When there is little hope, he will take action to realize his dreams.
  • Beyond the outward appearance of people, they seek the sincere spirit in them and have many friends around.
Those who are in Sagittarius may act a little discourteous and thoughtless, but they are not malicious.
  • He has a superficial romance, but he's honest.
  • Women look for intelligence, being friendly can often be misunderstood by women.
  • Typical springs are quite they are lavish and generous.
  • Try to endure his frankness and free attitude, his lack of courtesy criticism, find something to deal with, or even read books, he is an intellectual person.
He can think with his heart and his brain.
  • Even if he doesn't always receive the courageous behavior, he will stand up and continue again.

Male of Capricorn (23 December - 20 January)

  • They are shy, strong and passionate.
  • He acts in different ways to cover his real feelings.
  • Under his sane structure are dreams of adventure and excitement.
  • He likes to be praised, since this is not often done, and he doesn't know what to do in this situation, either avoid nonsense or answer.
  • As they get older, they become younger, not as serious as in their youth.
  • Compared to other signs Capricorn male is most loyal male.
  • Family ties are very important to him.
  • The person she chooses as a wife is someone who can be a good mother.
  • He can say nonsense to hide their interest and curiosity in the opposite sex.
  • Heart soft and the commitment is one who knows the value.
  • They don't rush to get married because they don't want to regret it.
  • They want marriage to be built on solid grounds, divorce is not their style.

Male of Aquarius (21 January-19 February)

  • A trusted friend is a polite person with high ideals. He's friends with everyone.
  • He has a general love for people.
It is not simple or selfish!
  • He doesn't want to show his own feelings, but he tries to understand the feelings of others. They can't sleep unless they find out what's hidden from them.
  • No matter how calm, polite, and charming they may seem, there is no one to see underneath this image. Cleaning They are meticulous.
  • They don't like getting married, and when they can't escape, they choose girls they're good friends for. himself too romantic Girls without expectations are perfect for her.
  • They have difficulty expressing their love physically. He is not jealous, he trusts you because he has thoroughly analyzed your character, and he doesn't even show jealousy.
  • Infidelity is not for him. There is definitely money on the shore corner. They save up, they don't go far in generosity. Although realistic can't forget your first love.
  • Either after years he marries his first love, or he always carries this dream. He may want someone who is committed to being a good wife and mother. He needs someone to prop him up.

Pisces Male (20 February-20 March)

They are sensitive, timid, reliable and dreamy.

Success is inevitable for them when they get away from imagination and try to use their sharp intelligence. He has a lot of artistic talent, probably a famous composer or painter can.

It is not prejudiced, thoughtful and understanding. People share their secrets with him safely. Although curious, there is no exaggeration. Speaking fluently, they are quick and polite.

They take care not to interfere in the work of others. The fish may need frequent rest due to its human and self-worrying nature.

Its sensitive structure makes it easy to hurt. When people realize their virtues, it increases their self-confidence.

He's shy when he feels he's inadequate. Peaceful and quiet it has a structure, it is not for him to get angry;

He's not jealous, he waits for loyalty.

They become a good friend, a good wife and adore lonely beauties.

They need trust and loyalty in love, first of all emotional structures it requires.

Watch out for him when he's spending money, he's pretty slutty, he has to learn to be thrifty.

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