Late Pregnancies

Late Pregnancies

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Late Pregnancies

In many of our families, marriages have always occurred at a very early age. In the stories told by our family elders, we often come across the phrase “I was very young when I got married. Oldukça

Pregnancy at a young age was also on the agenda because of early marriage, as families were expecting a grandchild. But today, the situation is not at all what our elders told us.

Many women now start a family at a later age or feel ready to have children later. In this case also revealed late pregnancies it's coming out

Possible Causes of Excessive Late Pregnancies Today

In the past the women in Turkey receiving undergraduate education and Working rates it was not so high. Especially in Anatolia, one of the biggest obligations of women is seen as getting married and having children, a 20-year-old unmarried girl was considered to have stayed at home.

Moreover, almost all the young girls who married at an early age were expected to have a grandchild. Today, however, the structure of society has changed considerably due to changing living standards.

Consequently, the number of late pregnancy increased.

If we talk about the possible causes of this increase;

  • Today, women are more involved in life, reading and working. However, marriages have been desire to start a family also remained a little lower in the to-do list.
  • The fact that women want to bring their careers to a certain level and stand on their feet before they have children is rightfully pushing women to the idea of ​​a baby.
Because motherhood is a big responsibility that demands time!
  • Many workplaces approach pregnant women in a negative way. Some even make a job interview by finding out if they have pregnancy plans in the near future. In this case, women to make a choice, to start their careers postpone pregnancy have to.
  • Some couples want to spend the first years of their marriage by spending time with each other, traveling and enjoying their relationship. They think that a responsibility such as a child prevents them from doing such things and put them on a later date.
  • Sometimes couples may want to have a baby but may not have it due to some biological problems. Infertility (infertility) If the source of this condition can not be determined immediately and treatment can not take place for a long time, pregnancy may remain in advanced ages.

How Many Pregnancies Are Qualified as Late Pregnancy?

While the most appropriate gestational age for women is 24-29, the most fertile age is 21-30.

However, it cannot be said that healthy pregnancy will not occur outside these age ranges. Only women over 35 years of age, the spawning process is interrupted.

Especially 40 years pregnancy Although the possibility of congenital anomaly is much higher in the living, pregnancy becomes more difficult!

Which problems may arise in pregnancies older than 40 years?

The eggs that women will have during their lifetime are still in the womb. In fact, when the woman carries her baby in her belly, she also carries a part of her grandchildren.

However, the number of these eggs decreases with time. Because every month, the number of eggs varies according to age ovulation participates in the process with; only one of them continues to develop. The other eggs that are involved in the process are spoiled and disappeared.

This cycle, which lasts for years, causes the eggs to decrease in time, fewer eggs to participate in the ovulation process and the quality of the eggs decrease.

But 40 years old pregnancy It is not impossible, only the chance of getting pregnant is quite reduced. However, some problems may arise in these pregnancies;

  • One of the most common problems is low. Because abortion usually occurs when the baby has chromosomal disorders. This is kind of natural selection. Because of the poor quality of eggs in older women advanced age pregnancy is a common situation in living.
  • The risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome is significantly increased. 40 years old woman With Down Syndrome the probability of giving birth to a baby is 1 in 80 on average, but increases to 1 in 25 at age 45. However, 11-14 of pregnancy. between weeks chorion villi by sampling or 15-20. By using amniocentesis between the ages of 90 weeks, the probabilities of close to 90% reliability can be learned. Thus, the mother can continue her pregnancy with peace of mind.
  • The risk of pregnancy sugar increases markedly when the woman is over 35 years of age. Related to this big baby birth rate also increases It was observed.
  • Ectopic pregnancy rate is higher in advanced age pregnancies.
  • Surprisingly, multiple pregnancy rates are higher in older pregnancies.
  • Premature birth rate is higher than younger age pregnancies.
  • Postpartum hemorrhage is more likely. Therefore, delivery usually occurs by cesarean section.

The adaptation of the female body to sudden changes during and after the birth process in late pregnancy for young women is more difficult.

  • Symptoms that may occur after childbirth are more common in women who become pregnant at an advanced age.
  • The baby has a higher risk of having placenta related problems and consequently giving birth to a low-weight baby. At this point mother's nutrition it is very important to pay attention.

Click on the link to review our nutrition article during pregnancy: // www. / Pregnancy-eras in the nutrition /

  • The risk of stillbirth in late pregnancies may not be fully explained. 3 times increase.

How long can women give birth?

There is an obvious difference between men and women when it comes to having children. We talked about women being born with eggs that they will have all their lives.

Over time, the quality of these eggs decreases with the number. However, although the sperm cells in the male compromise their quality with age, their production continues continuously. In this case, it is not surprising that a man is a 75-year-old father, but it is a miracle that a 50-year-old woman is a mother.

Is 50 years pregnant? Evet Yes, there is a possibility. However, this is a very unlikely natural possibility. However, if the woman has done egg freezing at a young age, the baby can be given by in vitro fertilization method.

Because the aging is not the uterus, but the egg. With this method, the woman may become pregnant even if she has had menopause. If freezing has not been performed, there is another possibility. egg transport.

Although it is an illegal method in our country, many elderly women get treatment abroad and have children with the desire to become a mother.

Late Pregnancies Although it carries many disadvantages and risks in terms of health, a healthy birth and baby can be obtained by taking certain precautions and providing control during pregnancy. Elderly pregnancy is a woman's decision and should be respected.

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