List of Don'ts in Puerperium!

List of Don'ts in Puerperium!

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Don'ts in Puerperium!

Your pregnancy is spent by dreaming your baby and wishing for your birth time to arrive on your lap. Even if you experience many symptoms during pregnancy, happy and excited period.

Shopping is done, the baby's room is prepared, many books on baby care are owned. Will everything be as you imagined?

finally "Confinement" There is a truth and knowing how to deal with it will put you ahead 1-0. You may have started by learning what to do in the puerperium in the books or articles you read.

So you know what you shouldn't do? Here will guide the fresh mothers who are not in the books;

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List of Don'ts in Puerperium!

Accept guests

Of course, there are many people around you who are happy with your happiness and are eager to see your tiny baby. However, sometimes even people who do not think you can see impatient to see your baby.

Essentially, whether you are very close or not, at least two weeks after birth not to accept guests will be the right choice.

You may be alone with your baby or get help from someone close to you, such as your mother. In both cases your psychology will entertain guests from their advice or listen to comments may not be suitable for

In this process, you will want to be alone and try to get used to the current situation. You can politely postpone greeting visit offers without breaking people.

Worrying That Milk Is Not Enough

One of the biggest concerns of fresh mothers is the lack of milk.

In fact, it becomes such a phobia that even if it starts in pregnancy or if I don't have milk, I fear. The reason for this fear is unfortunately the negative comments from the environment.

Every woman is different and the more comfortable you are, the less trouble you will have.

A few days after birth both the baby inability to fully absorb as a result of the mother's inexperience in this regard, milk may be low.

However, first of all by keeping your morale high and breastfeeding your baby, then you can increase your milk by consuming plenty of water and feeding correctly.

With suggestions from your neighborhood consume plenty of sugary foods click on the link below to review our breastfeeding guide for nursing mothers! // www. / mothers-for-breast-feeding-guide / Get rid of your birth weight in 8 steps! Click on the link below to review our article!

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Rejecting Mother Support!

Mothers hear the excitement of a baby as small as their children.

In the early postnatal period, mothers are a godsend to help both the mother and the mother to heal and care for the baby!

Rejecting the offer of mothers saying that I can take care of my baby and myself, prolongation of your postpartum period why could it be. Of course mother giving birth as you do not want the crowd around you.

But you cannot imagine how good it will be for you to have your mother with you during this complex period.

You take care of your baby again, but let your mother take care of you 🙂

Staying Sleepless

Your mini was with you for nine months and you probably want it now.

But constantly breastfeed and take care of it will take all your day, even your night. At home, you can support you from your father or eldest of your family to get some support, try to relax.

After feeding your baby gas and you can try sleeping for a while by giving it to his father to take care of him. Of course, there is nothing like getting help from the mother for other things.

Be sure you will feel much better and will be able to get through the puerperium in less time.

Intensive Exercise to Lose Weight Immediately

We know pregnancy weight is bothering you. You miss your old state very much and you feel as if you will never get there.

Therefore, as soon as giving birth to enter the diet and an intensive exercise program want to create. But don't rush to it.

Regardless of whether you have a normal or a caesarean section, you have finally given birth and your body needs recovery first of all. You may have bleeding and pain in the first weeks.

Intense exercise can cause your stitches to open and your healing process will prolong.

When you start breastfeeding your baby, you will see that most of the weight is already melting quickly. When your body recovers, you will have no obstacles to start your exercises.

You can review our article on postpartum weight loss.

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Wear Tight Clothes

It is natural that you want to see yourself well-groomed after birth. However, yet confinement and your body is not as it used to be.

Immediately return to your old and tight clothes torture your body Can. Not only does it bother you, it can also cause infection.

It is best to choose your comfortable but elegant clothes that you bought during pregnancy for a while. Don't worry about what you look like so much and focus on your mini-opened world.

In this period cotton undies and clothing Be sure to choose it will be much better in terms of your health. If you're comfortable, you can even walk around with your partner's tracksuits, who cares!


Your wife and you may be in a longing, you may want to return to your old days. However, the first few weeks after birth are not suitable for sexuality.

Give yourself time to get in the way of your life and ask your partner to support you.

After a while, you'll heal, and in time everything will settle!

With you new moms don'ts in puerperium what are we shared. It is up to you whether or not to fulfill these substances.

From time to time crying bouts, feeling helpless It is completely normal during this period. But what you need to do is accept this situation and try to recover as soon as possible. Remember that all this is happening to have a wonderful miracle.

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