Lohusa Sherbet and 4 Benefits!

Lohusa Sherbet and 4 Benefits!

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Lohusa Sherbet and 4 Benefits!

Even if you haven't given birth yet, if you have visited a newborn before, sherbet you've heard the name, you've tasted

If you go a little further back, the raw material of this sherbet measles sugar or alias cranberry sugar a taste that reminds you of your childhood.

In ancient times, even sold on the street and made with measles candy puddles, almost all children can not get enough of a flavor to eat. If we go back to that, the history of sherbet Until the 12th century can say

This drink, which is also very popular in the Ottoman Empire, has a traditional taste and curative also known.

Although we hear the name of traditional measles candy in different ways and taste it in different ways, we do not know much about what it does.

Once you know the benefits, you are sure to want to consume more often!

Beautiful mothers approaching birth; If it is time to take care of the decoration of your hospital room, the gifts you will give to your guests and the food and beverages you will offer, then it is a good tradition and a very beneficial for the mother who has just given birth. What is lohusa sherbetLet's look together, what are the benefits.

Lohusa Sherbet

Increases Breast Milk!

Breastfeeding is the ideal form of feeding for a baby.

WHO and UNICEF only breast milk of babies in the first 6 months recommends feeding with. This is why mothers fear that "Will I have milk?"

Because mothers, their offspring most accurate and healthy way they want to be fed.

Babies taking breast milk, more powerful immunity they have less disease. Breastfeeding, which is a natural process, is not only beneficial for babies but also for mothers. Breastfeeding strengthens the mother-infant bond and provides shorter puerperium period. And mother breast and uterine cancer protects against.

In addition, it allows the mother to spend calories to lose weight after birth easier. For these and many other reasons, both hospitals and society encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies.

If you need more information about breastfeeding, our breastfeeding guide is for you! Click the link below to review it now!

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If you want to know more about your nutrition during breastfeeding, you can review our article on nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding.

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Lohusa sherbet is a beverage that has the effect of increasing breast milk. A mixture of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and black pepper stimulates milk production in the mother.

It also improves the quality of milk. Maternity sherbets, which are produced by using all natural products, are both a drink to serve your guests and a delicious option to increase your milk.

How is breast milk quality improved? You can watch our video.

Prevents the formation of gas in the baby!

Another great fear of mothers is that their newborn baby has gas problems. While we adults are having great discomfort when they have a gas problem, it's a tiny baby that has just opened their eyes to the world. gas problem It makes us very sad.

This problem, which can sometimes last for months, can cause our baby to cry, sleep hard and not feed well. There are multiple factors in this problem.


  • Allergic foods consumed by the mother may cause gas problems in infants. These cow milk and products, coffee, chocolate and broccoli food. Therefore, the mother's nutrition is very important for the baby to have no gas problems.
  • Stressed and stressed mother can also cause gas problem in the baby. Especially the puerperium period can be difficult for some mothers. During this period, both the mother and her environment have big duties. Mom as best you can should not stressother family members, especially the father, should support the mother during this period.
  • Another factor that causes gas problem in infants melatonin in the intestines shortage It is not.

// www. / Confinement in-done-not-haves list /

By looking at these substances, we can see that the prevention of gas formation in the baby depends to a large extent on environmental factors.

Especially the mother stress free being and healthy nutrition quite important for the baby.

The lohusa sherbet, a very old tradition, is a useful drink for both the mother and the baby.

This sherbet helps the mother to relax and increase her milk. mother stress Away.

Therefore, this prevents the formation of gas in the baby. This proves that the puerpera syrup is very beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

Preventing the need for sweet mother!

Except for the exceptions, we all like to eat dessert. However, consuming these delicious foods too often is not good for us and our baby.

That's why every time we feel sweet abundant calorie desserts orientation should not. This causes us to gain weight as well as different diseases such as diabetes, liver fats.

When we want dessert, we can get support from fruits or desserts. But there is another way to suppress our desire.

No wonder that such an old tradition is beneficial in many ways, benefits of puerpera sherbet especially between cinnamon it also balances the sugar in the mother and reduces the desire for sugar.

Thus, the mother consumes a healthy drink and also dulls the sweet desire which will be harmful for herself and her baby.

Lohusa Sherbet, which is easy to reach to mothers who will give birth!

Your birth may be caesarean section or normal. Although caesarean delivery is usually planned, it can sometimes occur when normal delivery cannot take place. So be you, be prepared for birth at all times, regardless of the way you are born.

First of all, make a list of the materials that you and your baby may need in the hospital and make a bag for yourself by supplying them.

// www. / Birth-oncesi-need-list /

But the preparations do not stop there. In order to feel better during this exciting and a bit stressful period, you can start decorating your hospital room, for guests coming to see you and your baby. food and beverage You can prepare.

However, all these details one by one in your belly nose, you can be tired of dealing with. For this reason, you can ask for help from a relative for decoration, you can make baby chocolates for your guests.

Of course, do not forget our tradition which is very beneficial for you and your baby during the postpartum period!

Prepared with Ali Ünyazıcı's special recipe, colorless and Using all-natural products formulated 1 liter sherbet You can buy as much as you want from the bottles without any hassle to get delicious sherbet.

Don't bother boiling sherbet in that sweet rush of birth. Treat your guests and benefit from drinking!

Click on the link below for easy access to the natural Lohusa Sherbet!

//www.e- / ali-unyazici-lohusa-serbeti-1-lt-p-aus-9977 /


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