How Long Should Your Baby's Night Feeding Continue?

How Long Should Your Baby's Night Feeding Continue?

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Breast milk is the ideal food for your baby and only breast milk for the first 6 months You already know that you need to feed with.

Breast milk for the first 6 months meets all your baby's needs. As a result of researches, it has been found that breastfeeding has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.

Breastfeeding very helpful and best nutrition Although they know that most of the mind of the mother, yeterli Is my milk enough? ”kaliteli Is my milk quality?

If your mother is eating healthy, you should take nutrients If it is taking in a balanced way, it is enough for the baby with high probability.

It's wrong for mothers to think their babies woke up at night because their milk wasn't enough. Each baby's stomach fist It is up. That's why babies get hungry so quickly.

Babies often wake up and suck very often at night, especially in the first months, sometimes we need to wake up to breastfeed.

However, after a certain time, the baby does not need to be fed at night. So what is the right time to stop feeding at night?

We recommend that you review our article on feeding recommendations during breastfeeding.

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In the first week, the stomach capacity of the newborn baby is smaller than a tea glass. Every day the baby cries 8-12 times It should be breastfed. Milk production increases as the baby suckles.

In the first months, babies suck up every 3 hours at night.

Even if the baby does not wake up, the mother wakes up and feeds the baby.

Role in milk production prolactin hormone release it gets more at night. Therefore night breastfeeding It is very important.

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When should night nutrition be discontinued?

As babies grow stomach capacities also grow and feeding frequency decreases.

In the first 6 months, if breast milk is not taken for various reasons, babies who take formula formula will go to complementary feeding in the 6th month.

6 month old baby feeding Click on the link below to review our article.

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6 month old baby 11-12 hours to starve It can withstand.

Formula of infants fed with formula night nourishment does not need.

You can also stop feeding at night by consulting your doctor following the development of your baby. However, your baby night feedings because you are accustomed to, you can resist when you cut suddenly.

If your baby has difficulty interrupting feeding at night not to cut suddenly instead of cut slowly I recommend.

In infants receiving breast milk,Up to 2 years At the request of the mother, we recommend that they continue feeding at night.


Breastfeeding as you know between mother and baby emotional bond and as your baby suckles, milk production is stimulated and your milk increases. For this reason, it is important to feed at night in infants receiving breast milk.

For this reason, in consultation with your doctor Up to 2 years You can continue.

The frequency of night feeding can gradually reduce the frequency.

Attention!  Before your baby sleeps more overfeed Make sure your baby gets enough and balanced amounts of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that your baby needs during the dayYours, Dietitian Beyza Uyaninstagram: //

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