What Does Wideness Mean In The Birth Process?

What Does Wideness Mean In The Birth Process?

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From the first day you learn that you are pregnant, you live with the dream of the day you will hold your little puppy. As you approach the end of the pregnancy, the excitement of birth increases.

Normal or caesarean section, no matter what form of birth, mothers will have many curiosity and concerns about the moment when their baby is born. It is important to interpret the symptoms well, especially as the process progresses more heavily in vaginal deliveries.

The birth adventure of each pregnant woman proceeds differently and each symptom may be different for each expectant mother. However, the most important thing for your miniature to be born normally is the opening of the cervix.

Thanks to these openings, the necessary width for your baby to go out will be provided. Generally 2 cm opening during pregnancy and then, it is considered the herald of the great moment. For this reason, openings should be well monitored.

So what is the cervix opening, what is the meaning and importance at birth, when the birth starts after opening?

What is cervical opening?

As the expected day approaches, your baby starts to apply pressure to the birth canal and with this pressure, you begin to feel pain in your waist and groin areas.

With the baby's time to leave your body and trying to move in the direction of gravity, the cervix, called the cervix, softens and becomes thinner. In this case, 'cervical deletion' also called.

Cervical wiping, that is, the softening of the cervix starts to occur in the last week of pregnancy and forms the first stage of labor. The cervix then slowly expands. The entrance of the uterus, which was initially 0 cm, with the progression of birth 1 cm to 10 cmshows up to.

Cervical opening When it reaches 10 cm, now your baby is ready to be born. Opening the cervix is ​​defined by the name 'dilatation'.

In short; cervical orifice can be defined as the vaginal orifice that is necessary for the birth and the baby to go out.

Signs of when birth will take place

Vaginal delivery From 3 phases is a process that occurs.
  • In stage 1, cervical wiping and dilatation (opening of the cervix) It takes place. Then there is the event of the expulsion of the mucus structure which closes the entrance of the uterus. This is followed by the introduction of water, ie the opening of the amniotic sac in which the baby is present. Contractions are accompanied by opening.
  • Stage 2, baby 10 cm clearance to get out of the cervix advances in the birth canal and comes out.
  • In the third stage, the placenta event, which is called the spouse of the baby, occurs and the delivery process is completed.

When you look at these stages, the first sign that is necessary for your baby to be born cervical deletion and the opening of the cervix.

So much so that the baby can not begin until the appropriate opening is necessary for your little kittens to go out. Therefore, when the uterus is opened, the cervix is ​​examined manually by the midwife or doctor at regular intervals to monitor the course of enlargement.

What Does Wideness Mean In The Birth Process?

Normal birth is a process that develops completely due to cervical opening. However, this process progresses with different periods for each pregnant.

It is seen that especially pregnant women who will make their first vaginal birth have a longer process. Opening of the first normal birth occurs approximately In the range of 12-14 hours for women who have had their second or subsequent birth, this period can be reduced to 4-6 hours.

This is because the uterine muscles have experienced the necessary enlargement and flexion before, and therefore show easier opening. Prolonged cervical opening during the first vaginal births plays an important role in the course of labor. The cervix, Until it reaches a clearance of 3-4 cm a long time.

If the first normal birth occurs after 4 cm 1 cm per hour, if not first birth 1.5-2 cm per hour opening is expected. Therefore 4 cm clearance After reaching the doctor, you can get an idea about when your baby will be born.

How many cm should there be for the birth to begin?

Rahm Reach a clearance of 4 cm Because it occurs slowly, it may be appropriate for your doctor to spend this time at home. It would be more ideal for you to live in the comfort of home rather than spend this long wait in the hospital. Following this event can be achieved by monitoring the frequency and severity of contractions accompanying the openings.

Misinterpretation of symptoms may lead to early behavior, especially for pregnant women who are first-time mothers. This is the stage that parents are most curious about. 'How many centimeters of birth does it begin?' raises the question.

Usually after 4 cm of opening, the opening will continue to accelerate. Therefore, a 4 cm clearance is considered a critical determinant of labor. However, the birth, that your baby's birth can take place through the birth canal can occur, cervix opening Reach a width of 10 cm It is possible with.

What happens if there is not enough clearance?

In some cases, openings may stop and do not continue. Sometimes 1-2 cm clearance reached and cannot be improved for days, sometimes 6 hours after 4 cm width or more time, no progress. In such cases, external medical intervention may be required. These interventions can be:

  • Artificial pain
  • Peeling of the dice
  • Explosion of amniotic sac
  • cesarean

These interventions are performed when the expected clearance is reached. 4 cm If there is no change after critical opening, your doctor may need one of these interventions after examining you and your baby.

1 cm opening in the womb Is the harbinger of the birth?

Normally, women do not have cervical opening, that is, 0 cm is considered. When it is time for your baby to come into the world, your body begins to prepare itself for birth. Well If there is 1 cm opening in the uterus when the birth happens?

Opening a 1-2 cm cervix cannot give any precise information about when the birth will take place. This time may vary depending on your normal birth experiences.

After 1 cm opening, opening for hours may not occur. Therefore, 2 cm opening in pregnancy the fact that the birth of the birth is not a precursor. Normal birth is a progressive action, and birth will not begin until the appropriate width of your tiny offspring can pass.

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