Traditional February Discounts Started!

Traditional February Discounts Started!

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Traditional February Discount at ebebek

February is a month full of discounts and opportunities for mothers and fathers!

Inspired by the 28 days of February, ebebek offers 28% discounts to mothers and fathers, which will last 28 days and cover different products for 28 days. We have compiled the first week of the February campaign in this article in case you want to know these discounts in advance and make preparations.

February 1

A 28% discount on all Prima diapers and panties during February 1 will continue throughout the day!

Mothers and fathers can benefit from this discount as well as all ebebe stores!

If your baby is still wearing diapers, you can click here to take the opportunity.

Parents know the Korbell Diaper Dustbin System…

A specially designed trash can for diapers, and even another special product that is thought to trap bad odors, is a discount on these products during February 1, 2019: //

February 2

February 2 will be a great day for parents who need tools!

Maclaren, Johnson and Besafe products will continue with a 28% discount throughout the day…

If you need a stroller, a cane stroller or a car seat, a great Saturday is waiting for you.

You can start reviewing the tools products here: //

February 3

February 3, 2019 days of fun, happiness and joy!
On Sunday 3 February there is a 28% discount on all battery powered cars, toys and Joie products!

Children's favorite thing, both educational and very entertaining toys are very, very important for the development of children siniz You can click on the right toys for you or even to discover books: //

On February 3, with the exception of all toys and battery-powered cars, there is a 28% discount on Joie products! Joie has many products from mother's arms to high chairs, from prams to park beds.

Click to Explore Joie ebebek only products sold in Turkey: //www.e- / joie-b2509 /

February 4

The week starts on Monday, February 4 with brand new discounts! 28% discount on seesaw products throughout the day makes parents happy to buy baby furniture…

What do you need for your baby furniture? Bed, cradle or breastfeeding chair Şubat February 4 is the most convenient day of the year to buy your needs.

Click here to discover seesaw products sold at ebebek: //

Another discount for 04.02.2019 on ebebek's own brand baby me baby care products.

If you've already met baby me products, which offer many affordable products in bathroom care and hygiene, the right time to buy your favorite products is February 4!

If you haven't met baby me products yet, it can be a great opportunity to experience them!

5th of February

Especially during breastfeeding the importance of teas can be understood once again, which helps breastfeeding teas on February 5 28% Sale! Another beverage that helps breastfeed is very enjoyable to consume as ice, Promalt is one of the stocked products during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding with discount on breastfeeding mother teas is not considered health and safety at home with Weewell products?

Weewell products with steam engine, baby monitor and baby camera are on 28 February at 28% Sale!

February 6

There is a 28% discount on all Hammm and Vitamom's products on February 6. Did you know that we share the recipe videos that you can make great recipes for your baby with Hammm products on our YouTube channel?28% Discount on MyCey and Sevibebe Products!We do not need to remind you that the opportunity valid for MyCey and Sevibebe products is valid in our stores, website and mobile applications on February 6, right?

February 7

February 7 will pass appetizing!

What's the most delicious discount? Sterilizers, cookers, storage containers, bottles and thermos ...

What products do you use to feed your baby? What are your needs?

Set up reminders for your needs on Thursday, February 7!

All nutritional products sold at ebebek are here: //www.e- / nutrition-c3799 /

February 8

On February 8, there will be a feast of tools!

All Recaro Car Seats and all Casual products offer 24 hours of opportunity, car seats, prams, kangaroo, such as products for families who need a blessing bulun

If you know the expertise of Recaro in the car seat and are considering buying a Recaro car seat, you can examine the products in detail at: //

If you want to get to know the Casual products before you take advantage of the 8 February opportunities: //

We talked about a week that will be full… But ebebek'de Traditional February Discount does not end with such a week! It lasts for 4 weeks, 28 days. Stay tuned for more.

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