12 Reasons to Grow Your Baby Together with Animals!

12 Reasons to Grow Your Baby Together with Animals!

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Animals play a very important role in children's lives. This tremendous bond between humans and animals; It is possible to see the children often prefer animal figures in their books, films, dress patterns, room decorations and toys.

In child therapy, both animals projective evaluation, as well as precious in therapy plays a role.

Most children react when they see an animal; they sometimes approach with enthusiasm, sometimes with fear and sometimes with intense love. In contrast to what adults experience with an autopilot, children want to slow down, stop, play, touch and bond when they see an animal.

Animals, children; love, love, compassion, mercy, taking responsibility, teaches care, protection, protection, having fun, staying at the moment.

Although not yet widespread in our country, there are many treatment and therapy methods in some countries where animals are also part.

Many studies have shown that children interact with animals; for emotional, physical, cognitive and social development reveals positive effects.

In this article I will share the enormous impact of animals on child development. But first of all, I would like to remind you that it is a great responsibility to adopt an animal and that it is only important for the families that are ready for it.

12 Reasons to Grow Your Baby Together with Animals!

Unconditional Love and Perpetual Friend

Children react intuitively to animals. The love of animals is unconditional. Animals do not judge and criticize children, so it is easy for children to relate to and trust with animals.

In many cases, pets are sincere creatures that are close to, reassuring, and able to establish relationships and relationships for children.

A Moving Life

Living with a living creature, especially with a dog-like lifestyle, encourages children to have a vibrant lifestyle.

A research done; reveals that children with dogs exercise 11 minutes more daily than children without dogs.

Children with a dog have great incentives to go out, play, walk, run, jump, jump.


A child with a pet will gain experience in this regard, as he will often experience contact. It is observed that children exhibiting shy attitudes are more comfortable with other people thanks to their pets.

Because pets are a common interest for many children and connect with each other and conversations for the occasion.

Expressing and Organizing Emotions

The ongoing relationship with animals ultimately teaches children to recognize, express and regulate their own emotions. Realizing that the other person may have feelings, the child adopts the concepts of me and the other. Discover the emotions of himself and the other.


An animal can also improve the child's learning skills. Children experience a lot of information about life with their animals. They can increase their learning momentum by adding their pets to the game and doing reading exercises with their pets.

Stress Management

One of the biggest advantages of growing up with pets is that children can naturally relax and stress levels It is dropping.

In a research conducted at the National Childhood Grief Institute; dogs are included in the child therapy groups. Therapy dogs accompany children with intense emotion. Research results show that children experience intense relaxation while spending time with dogs.

When the blood pressure of both the dog and the child is measured, this loving experience reveals that the child's and dog's blood pressures are balanced.

Taking Responsibility and Attitudes

Growing up with a furry friend at home can help instill a sense of responsibility to children. Children can gain confidence with the responsibility of the animal they feed, their ego power increases. Children can do simple tasks such as filling their pet's water and food bowls. As the child grows older, they can take their friends for a walk.

Empathy and Compassion

A pet can teach the child empathy and compassion. Over time your child learns to read your pet's needs: is he hungry? Does he have to go out? Is he afraid?

A study at Kansas State Universityrevealed a positive correlation between attachment to a pet and higher empathy score.

Family Ties

One of the biggest benefits of raising pets is stronger and closer family ties. Pets are often the focus of family activities. This is common sharing and love clamps relationships.


Animals can help to socialize children and improve verbal skills. Pets support not only social and emotional support, but also children's cognitive language skills.

The presence of a pet provides oral stimulation to help your child talk and socialize with another creature.

Therapeutic Power

In areas such as autism, other spectrum disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, domestic therapeutic support It is known.

Pets are often accompanied by many child therapy programs, especially in the US and Europe.


Pet owners have generally proven to be less ill. It is supported by research findings that children who are raised with animals have less respiratory problems and infections than other children, especially in the early years of childhood.

Early exposure to different bacteria reduces the likelihood of developing common allergies in the future.

A research published in the Journal of Pediatrics, In the first year of life, children with dogs have a higher immune response and 31% less respiratory infections than those without. Nevertheless, pediatricians are the addressees of this issue and it is essential to consult them about health.

If you want to read more articles about babies and pets, you can easily reach them by clicking the link below;

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