Is Passing X-ray Device Harmful While Pregnant?

Is Passing X-ray Device Harmful While Pregnant?

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Is Passing X-ray Device Harmful While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the most important and special period in every mother's life. For the first time in your life, there is something that you have to think before you, to take care of everything, and to try to be good; Your baby!

With the effect of pregnancy hormones, everything you eat and drink in this process, every move you make becomes even more important. This is why you should try to be careful about everything in order to ensure that your pregnancy goes well and your baby is healthy.

Issues that you did not even think about the possibility of a problem in your normal life, during your pregnancy 'I wonder if my baby touches?' and starts to make you uneasy.

Topics such as going on vacation, coloring hair, drinking herbal tea sometimes cause you to be in a dilemma. 'Can pregnant women pass X-ray? ' The question is one of the issues that mothers are curious about when they are pregnant.

What is the effect of X-ray devices on pregnant women, and does it have a negative effect on the baby's health?

X-ray Devices and X-Rays

Mother-to-be X-ray during pregnancy Before moving on to their concerns, we need to get to know these devices and their systems.

X-ray devices are briefly mentioned; It is used to detect whether there are any objects threatening security in closed objects such as luggage, bags and packages, and to provide imaging with the help of x rays while making this determination. imaging device We can say.
  • These devices, which are mostly encountered at security checkpoints in crowded places such as shopping malls and airports, have security check provides.
  • Likewise, metal detectors are used to detect metal objects or threatening objects on the person. These detectors generate a low magnetic field and are equipped with a detection of metal objects purpose.
  • The use of x-rays, which are also found in devices such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, ultrasound, in safety devices such as X-ray devices and metal detectors does not have a negative effect on health.

Due to the way the devices transmit x-rays and the precautions taken in these devices, experts state that these devices do not have a high enough effect to disrupt human health.

How is the damage of x-rays absorbed in these devices?

What is the Operation Mechanism of X-ray Devices?

The operating systems of the X-rays are as follows;

  • The X-ray device generates x-rays thanks to the current it receives from the electricity.
  • When x-ray produced items such as bags, suitcases are sent to the cabinet, they pass through them to form an energy.
  • It obtains data by reflecting this energy to the generator.
  • The data obtained is transferred to the display screen of the X-ray device.

In order to prevent the produced x-ray from affecting the exterior of the cabinet, the interior of the cabinet where the goods are placed is covered with a lead alloy and x-ray dose measurement is performed at regular intervals to check for x-ray leakage from the cabinet.

Therefore, the degree to which people passing by or around these devices, regardless of whether people or pregnant women are affected by x-rays, is negligible. X-rays contain non-ionizing radiation called non-ionizing radiation. Even if exposed to this radiation for a long time, it does not cause any health problems.

Do X-rays in Shopping Centers Affect the Unborn Baby?

Pregnant mothers are able to reduce their activities due to the increasing weight of their bodies and restricting their movements.

Shopping centers become a very good option for both a small walk and tired shopping and spending some time.

In addition, the things you need to buy for your baby and the shopping for the baby room are the issues that need to be completed in the process.

Prenatal requirement list: // www. / Birth-oncesi-need-list /

Moreover, if your pregnancy coincides with the cold winter months, shopping centers may be your only solution.

If it wasn't for the X-ray devices in those entrances!

Radiation is very harmful for pregnant women and their babies.

So much so that ionizing radiation can have serious consequences, such as increasing the risk of miscarriage and causing birth defects.

However, the use of non-ionizing radiation in X-ray devices indicates that the amount of radiation emitted from these devices is considerably low.

The maximum amount of radiation that mothers can receive during their pregnancy is 0.5 REM; ie 5 RAD. No matter how often you pass X-ray devices in shopping malls during your pregnancy, you cannot reach the maximum radiation level.

However, if you want your peace of mind and prefer to be cautious, you can use the name badge to measure the amount of radiation in the body and see the amount of radiation you are exposed to with your own eyes.

Is Passing X-rayden At Airports Harmful For Baby?

After shopping centers, you may encounter X-ray devices. It is often not recommended by doctors to travel frequently during pregnancy. However, there may be some compulsory situations where you need to travel and you may need to board the plane.

Therefore, X-ray at the airport while pregnant device may cause you concern.

At the checkpoints at airports, X-ray devices with back-scattering systems are used. These devices are also used in some shopping malls and have the same impact on human health.

Airport X-rays that identify items that may pose a security threat do not harm pregnant women.

However, in tunnels where your baggage is checked, the amount of radiation may be higher. Avoiding these tunnels during baggage check will be beneficial for pregnant women.

When can the X-ray device be a risk for pregnant women?

As experts have noted, X-ray devices for pregnant women have no drawbacks. X-rays that are exposed to a very low amount do not cause a negative effect on your baby. However, there may be additional risks for you;

  • Pregnant women who work in shopping centers close to x-ray devices may have more x-ray effects than other pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women working at airports may be exposed to extra radiation if they work near the tunnel where the baggage passes.
  • Mothers who have to travel frequently may be exposed to more radiation than usual.

What is important here is the total amount of radiation exposed during pregnancy. As long as you do not reach the upper limit of 0.5 REM, there will be no harm for you and your baby.

However, it is useful to avoid such devices as much as possible, especially during the first months of pregnancy.

How can pregnant women be protected from the effects of X-ray devices?

  • Try not to travel by plane unless you have to, or take care to minimize your number of flights while pregnant. More attention to this issue during the first trimester of pregnancy, your baby's development and hold for the benefit of the womb.
  • When you pass the X-rays in shopping malls, you can ask female security officers to search you manually.
  • You can protect yourself by avoiding airport baggage check areas.

'Pregnant women can pass X-rayI?' Even though the question is still a concern for some expectant mothers, it is important to note that as long as the necessary measures are taken and the necessary controls are made, there is no harm in passing these devices to pregnant women. You should enjoy your pregnancy without worrying about yourself and remind yourself that you are doing your best for your baby.

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