Attention! Your child may be in danger

Attention! Your child may be in danger

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Parents beware! The Momo character can be a great danger to your child.

Who is Momo Come and learn the details together.

What is Momo? How did it emerge?

Momo, The spread of cyber bullying through social media and mobile phones is a claim to cyber bullying.

How appeared momo also known as whatsapp daughter?

“A person from one of the Spanish-speaking countries cut a photo from Instagram and created a Whatsapp user with it. This number has been spread, and those who have come into contact have begun to receive disturbing photographs. Some say Momo has access to personal information. ”

The death of thousands of children 'Blue whale' Dangerous 'Momo' Great danger for kids!

The character Momo appears among the children's favorite cartoons and game videos. Cannot be detected by parents because they are hidden in videos!

Momo wants the children to hurt themselves and says that if they don't harm them, they will come to sleep at night and kill them!

Momo now taking place in the video except that content can be viewed domestically but also from Turkey because it is open to the world.

The children don't understand the language so you can relax, but we should warn you that animations about what children should do and children can easily understand what they mean!

How Can You Keep Your Child Away From Such Hazards?

  • Play and watch your child's videos and games.
  • Be close to your child. Remind your child over and over that he can tell you everything.
  • Observe your child's behavior. If you notice a strange situation, please contact without delay.
  • your child Limit the time he spends on the internet!
  • Restrict access to threatening content.
  • Always check what your child is watching and watching on the Internet.


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