Baby me Aloe Veralı Diaper Released!

Baby me Aloe Veralı Diaper Released!

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Baby me Aloe Vera Diapers

baby me, an ebebek brand!

Baby diapers and wet wipes are loved by parents and now baby me comes with a brand new diaper…

baby me Diaper Aloe Verali now!

baby me combines the miracle of Aloe Vera with her experience in the diaper, and the baby me Aloe Vera Diaper comes out.

baby me, like other diapers, offers diaper packages of 50s or 100s and helps parents calculate the number of units in the diaper! holds a waste bag roll oşbaby me Aloe Vera Click here to review the Diaper: //www.e- / aloe + vera

Diaper Features

And what features does this brand new baby me diaper have, besides its structure that includes Aloe Vera?

  • Soft top surface thanks to traps the liquid and keeps your baby's skin dry for up to 12 hours.
  • Creamy inner surface helps prevent irritation, rash and redness.
  • Barrier liquid, articulated to prevent leaks It helps.
  • Breathable outer surface allows air to circulate through the cloth and protects skin

  • baby me wetness indicator You do not need to open, touch, smell when you need to change the diaper.

With the wetness indicator, you can easily understand the wetness of your diaper.

  • Cottony soft top surface Soak up your baby's delicate skin for a long time.
  • Flexible side tapes Do you? Thanks to these bands, the baby me diaper fits perfectly on your baby's body and does not interfere with his movements, and he can move easily with the diaper!
  • baby me The various animal figures in the Aloe Vera diaper package allow the baby and the parents to have fun during the sub-change!

There are different animal figures in each number of diapers, we have compiled for you in the above image! They can also learn different animals…

9 out of 10 Mothers Trying!

So why Aloe Vera?

Because the benefits of Aloe Vera do not stop counting. :

  • Aloe Vera is known for its skin renewal feature.
  • Maintains skin elasticity & freshness
  • Reduces skin irritation and prevents new irritation.
  • Increases the feeling of comfort.

baby me Aloe Vera Diaper once again reminds us of ebebek's motto “Mother's interest, expert knowledge.!

Because the Aloe Vera diaper mothers 'dreams, the expectations of the diapers and experts' knowledge, has emerged with the experience ... The interest of mothers, as a result of the knowledge of experts recommended 9 out of 10 mothers!

Yes, 9 out of 10 mothers recommend baby me Aloe Vera Diaper.*

* According to the November 2018 study conducted with 166 mothers who tested the product by the independent research firm Ipsos. How about trying the baby me Aloe Vera diaper?

You can start exploring Baby me Aloe Vera Diapers at 1-2-3-4-5 right here: //www.e- / aloe + vera

We wish you a healthy, happy, green day!

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