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5 Golden Rules to Know When Traveling with Baby!

5 Golden Rules to Know When Traveling with Baby!

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Airplane ride with baby How is it done? Can the baby get a flight ticket? After how many months can the baby travel with the plane? What should I have in my cabin trunk when traveling with a baby? Aren't these questions just a few of your questions? A Bosnian Proverb says: tek The only obstacle to travel is the threshold of the door.Ok After reading this article, the only obstacle to traveling with your baby will remain as the door! We promise.

Can a 1-Month Baby Plane Travel?

Generally, airline companies accept infants older than 1 week on board with the permission of a physician that the baby can travel easily He says.

If your puppy does not have an active infection (especially ear infection), heart or lung disorders, severe anemia, and diarrhea when you go, you can go with your baby with peace of mind!

Is it possible to buy a baby?

your Baby If you are under 2 years you do not need to buy a separate ticket, you can travel with your baby in your lap with a baby seat belt that the cabin crew will give you. Over 2 years you need to purchase a separate ticket for your baby and indicate that this seat belongs to your baby. Because; limited edition Baby chair and baby seat belt located. In short, having different seats, remember to have different seats, which are suitable seats for your baby on board.

What should be in your hand luggage when traveling with a baby?

Preparing your hand luggage correctly when traveling with your baby will make your journey more comfortable for both your baby and you. First of all, we strongly recommend that you give all items you will not need on board as luggage at check-in. Your mobility is a place where you can put everything you need to find what you are looking for comfortably bag will be your savior. What's going to happen in this bag?

Plenty of diaper and abundantly wet wipes a must! Since the pressure in the airplane will cause your baby to poop more often, it is useful to back up the diapers. As a savior note, if you change your baby's diaper or take it to the toilet before boarding it, you'll be more comfortable traveling.

Wet wipes and diapers are putting too much bottle or clothes Is it enough to get one? It is not enough biber It is not possible to sterilize the bottles in the airplane so remember to put spare bottles and formula in your cabin baggage.

If you say geç We've already moved on to solid food ”” you should put in your bag what your baby likes and can eat easily. Airline companies in cabin trunk each with no more than 100 ml allows liquids to be this rule does not apply to your baby's food, juice and medicine. We recommend that you do not forget this rule for other liquids that you will have with you during your trip and put them in the baggage you will deliver. Just in case not only your baby replacement outfit Your clothes, like her clothes, may get dirty. When preparing your baby for the journey, you should choose the clothes that she will feel most comfortable with, and they may even be home clothes. This will make him feel more comfortable at home.

During the journey, your baby's nose may become clogged and nasal aspirator will reach your rescue easily. If you've traveled before, you know that the planes are a bit cooler, they will be in your bag blanket will ensure that your baby does not get cold during the flight.

Finally, don't forget to take plenty of locked bags with you, it will be most comfortable for you and other passengers to keep your baby's dirty things in locked bags. Don't forget to take your favorite toys with you in order to make your baby's journey more enjoyable and to prevent boredom and crying. A new bag toy It makes perfect sense to discover this toy that you have never met before and it will be delayed to get bored. Your luggage is now ready! Are you excited for the journey?

What should I look out for before I board a baby?

You must be at the airport at least 1 hour before the domestic flight and at least 2 hours before the international flight. If you have a partner or someone to help you check-in While you or your baby may be interested in doing this, but it is useful not to get too far from the counter. The personnel on duty will want to see the passengers' face while checking documents such as identity cards and passports of all passengers. After completing these procedures, it will provide you with plenty of convenience until you reach your plane. baby car especially cane prams Use and folding easily will provide you convenience. Your name should be written in order to find the car that belongs to you after the trip to your baby carriage. So, when should you board the plane? Should you be hasty about this?

You have already chosen the seat that suits you and your baby before, so you don't have to rush to take your seat on the plane. Other passengers can spend time with your baby while boarding the plane, and you can prevent your baby from getting bored by boarding the latest plane.

In this way, your baby will not stay in the chaos of the airplane and airplane ventilation will be started before you settle. In short, it is possible for both you and your baby to make a more comfortable journey with small details!

Dear Passengers Your Captain Speaks Your First Airplane Journey Starts With Your Baby!

During your flight, the inside is set to atmospheric pressure of 200-250 meters, but the pressure increases during take-off and landing of airplanes, and we adults feel the pressure in our ears at this time. When we can't chew gum like we do or feel pressure to swallow How can we comfort our babies who are too tiny to think about?

The answer is very simple: swallowing them or the intake We need to provide.

You can breast-feed your baby while the plane is taking off or landing so that you cannot feel this pressure. If your baby is not sucking at that time, you can drink water, as a last resort, you can give pacifiers, so you can swallow. If we need to give a tiny but saving detail, if you don't fully feed your baby before the journey and wait for your journey, suction request will increase. After a successful take off, you can linger with your baby by watching the clouds, and when you are bored, you can remove the toy. If your child is old enough to watch cartoons, cartoons on board will be a fun alternative. “Oh, what is that? Is there a smell? Kabin Do not rush the cabin crew will prepare airplane toilets for you and easily cloth You will be able to change.

You know your baby best, you can increase your chances of sleeping during your flight by taking your flight ticket during the sleep hours. Routines such as breastfeeding, changing, and sleeping will vary depending on the length of your journey. Isn't your ear in the announcements? It is important for you and your baby to inform your cabin officers about your captain's announcements. Your plane is descending! Do not forget to repeat the tactics you have applied here.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for help with changing the luggage, baggage delivery, stroller and other issues.

Have a good trip to your baby and you!

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