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Hi, I talked about mother-themed books published by many Mothers publishers this week. Let me examine it.

Mom's Bag

Writer: More professionals named Sara Şahinkanat

Artist: Example: ayşe inan

Publisher: Yapı Kredi Publications

Age: 3+

Two little children who go to the park with their mothers find what they need in their mothers bag and are surprised to find everything they need in their mothers bag.
Is this a superhero bag or someone else in the lead role?

One of the wonderful books written by Sara Şahinkanat and brought to life by Ayşe İnan Alican with magnificent paintings is my mother's bag.

Cuddle with Mother

Writer: Ruby Brown

Translator: View Beyza's Full Profile

Publisher: 1001 Flower Publications

Age: 2+

The baby owl wants to embrace his mother, but he cannot decide what kind of embrace it is.
In fact, he often does good morning hug, goodbye hug, fear hug, happiness hug, good night hug with his mother. But he's having trouble deciding what's next.
Maybe you can help him out by talking about your own hugging hours.

My Mom's Mind Remains Me

Writer: View özge's Full Profile

Artist: Mert Tugen

Publisher: Nesin Publishing

Age: 4+

Our hero Memo has to rest at home that day because he is sick. His mother has to go to work because he has a meeting.
His mother hugs Memo and kisses him on the forehead before leaving the house, and when he leaves his house, “My mind stayed in Memo, or because what happens is Memo hears what his mother says and doesn't know what to do.
Alright what now? If his mother's mind remains in Memo, how will his mother return home in the evening? What if he forgets Memo and his father? He must give back to his mother as soon as possible, but how?

Sometimes when we talk to children, we unwittingly refer to certain phrases such as proverbs, idioms, and phrases. At that moment, we cannot imagine how this word could or could have come to life in the child's mind.
According to Piaget, the Abstract Operations Period in children starts at the age of 11. These patterns, which they had heard during the period of concrete operations before the age of 11, really come to life in their minds.
The book evi My Mother's Mind Remains Me ", published by Nesin Publishing, is also a very pleasant book based on this topic.


Writer: Paloma Valdiva

Translator: View Simla's Full Profile

Publisher: Nota Bene Publications

Age: 3+

If the mother is a sheep, the lamb is a lamb; If the mother is a big fish, the fry becomes a fry.
Then, when the offspring went to a different place, where she went to what she wanted and came back, the mother would have changed, but no matter how much she had changed, the two would always remain mother-kids çocuk

Nosotros is one of the most naive books I've ever read about the mother-child relationship. On each page, 1-2 sentences and the images supporting it and the connection between mother and child are conveyed to the reader in its purest form.

Memo and Moon

Writer: Alice Briere-Haquet

Artist: Celia Chauffrey

Translator: View Sumru's Full Profile

Publisher: Blue Cloud Publishing

Age: 3+

Memo and Ay, which impresses me with its naive and loving expression as well as its wonderful drawings, belong to Mavi Bulut Yayınları.
Memo, our little hero who wants to buy a present to make her mother happy, decides that the moon in the sky is the best gift for her. But who gets the bear from there?

“The most suitable gift at night in the starry sky.
Isn't that everyone's mother, the Moon in the sky is a gift for her. ”

Do You Like Me Anyway?

Writer: Catherine Leblanc

Artist: Eve Tharlet

Translator: View Çiğdem's Full Profile

Publisher: MEAV Publishing

Age: 3+

While Martin is playing, his coat hangs on a tree branch. He immediately goes home and tells his mother.
His mother says he can sew his coat with all his affection. Everything is normal so far, but since Martin tore his coat, he worries if his mother will still love him and asks: "I did something bad. Do you still love me?"
Her mother answers: "Do I not like it, of course I do!" Martin feels relieved to hear this answer, but when she does other bad things, what if one day her mother stops loving her?

From time to time, children become anxious and some questions confront their mothers' endless love.
Do You Like Me Anyway, he answers all the questions that poke the children's mind in a soft language.

A warm story about the mother-child relationship from Meav Publishing.

Chubby Chicken

Writer: Emma Levey

Translator: View Sima's Full Profile

Publisher: Beta Kids

Age: 3+

Plump Chicken, he loved eggs. Big eggs, small eggs, spotted eggs…
Of course, he liked it so much that the chubby chicken had hatched only once, so he did not crack.
He thought, moved and decided to find himself abandoned eggs and even eggs, and that's how the adventure of Chubby Chicken began. He struggled with the storm to find eggs, plunged into the depths of the ocean, climbed the roofs, floated over the gigantic cities, climbed the mountains and collected many eggs.
But what happens when all the eggs crack?

Guess How Much I Love You?

Writer: Sam Mcbratney

Artist: Anita Jeram

Translator: Contact Özlem directly

Publisher: Flying Fish Publications

Age: 2+

When you love someone, you want to find a way to tell him how strong your emotions are. Just like Little Bunny and Big Bunny.
Before going to sleep, Little Bunny wants to show the Big Bunny how much he loves him. She spread her arms, stood up to her fingertips, and said to the rivers.
The Big Rabbit is not neglecting to respond. Throughout the book, the story continues with a sweet play through this warm language of love.
So, what do you think the result is?

Queen of Love

Writer: Kristien Aertssen

Artist: Kristien Aertssen

Translator: Asli Motchane

Publisher: Wildflower Publications

Age: 4+

As usual, the queen has a lot to do this morning. The princess, who wants some love, decides to jump off the queen's plane and go far to find the love she is looking for.
The princess finds the Queen of Cake, the Queen of Toys, the Queen of Cats, the Queen of Flowers, the Queen of the Night, and has a great time with them. But she couldn't find the Queen of Love she wanted.
Should she call the Queen of Love a little closer?

A wonderful book on love from Wildflower Publishing ...

My Mom Is A Superhero

Writer: Nicolas City

Translator: View Melike's Full Profile

Publisher: Pearson Publications

Age: 3+

Pearson Publications is one of my favorite publishers. They do great works both with the preferred books having themes that will attract the attention of children, and the meticulous translations of Melike Hendek.

My Mom In a SUPER HERO, the mother of the little bear is a superhero! Just like all mothers…
The mother teddy bear can carry everything with her strong arms, she can catch up and help everyone at any time. But one day ...
Sometimes you can get tired of superheroes, they also need help in a very sweet book is waiting for you.

I Love You Very Stinky Face

Writer: Lisa Mccourt

Artist: Cyd Moore

Translator: Contact Nurten directly

Publisher: White Whale Publications

Age: 3+ I Love You Very Stinky Face is one of the great books written on unconditional love between mother and child who is worried about whether she would be loved by her mother if she were a small, cute kid, not a stinky skunk, a big scary monkey, a dirty crocodile and dirty teeth. .
Of course from White Whale Publications!

My Mother Is Always More

Writer: View özge's Full Profile

Artist: Contact Özlem directly

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Publications

Age: 4+

A little girl is being prepared for school exhibition. In the morning, she takes the starfish she has painted and decorated with excitement and reaches the exhibition area with her mother. But when his friend rushes and hits him, the starfish is torn to pieces.
Fortunately, the solution our hero seeks is right next to him ...

In this story, where a mother tells her story from the eyes of a little girl, we see that special bond between mother and child and how our mothers are always with us.

Why Do I Love My Mother?

Writer: Judy Carey Nevin

Artist: Stephanie Six

Publisher: Mikado Children

Age: 1+

Why Do I Love My Mother so much? We become partners in moments where a mother and child are hugging tightly, singing songs, playing games together and riding bikes.
You can add them to your first story books with little written and colorful visuals.

Another Mother

Writer:Sebban Leyla Navaro - Sandra Albukrek

Publisher: Can Children Publications

Age: 3+

Sometimes you say, "I wish my mother was like other mothers." Like Ali's mother or Beril… Empty veer!
I've always been thinking like you; but I understood that I actually love my mother as she is. With colorful clothes, different ideas, surprises and laughter…

It's a warm story of a little boy dreaming of having a "normal" mother like other mothers, finally discovering the perfection of his own mother.

Tale of Smart Fox

Writer: the debiglior

Translator: Example: nevin özdemir

Publisher: İş Bank Culture Publications

Age: 2+

The Tale of the Smart Fox is a sweet story about the love bond between mother and child, written by Debi Gliori.

The little fox, Lokum, wants to make sure his mother loves him under all circumstances. In order to learn this, she asks her mother whether or not she will continue her love under various circumstances. Anne Fox says that she will be loving and loving whatever happens.

The Tale of the Smart Fox, considered one of today's children's classics, has also been described by critics as edeb the literary equivalent of a huge hug!..

Here's My Mom

Writer: Contact ezgi directly

Artist: Contact Ipek directly

Publisher: Abm Publishing House

Age: 4+

Mutlu's mother is a little different from other mothers. She wears colorful, she's not good at cooking, she wears a variety of headbands, she's messy and clumsy.
Life is sometimes difficult for Mutlu. But despite all this, there is an unchanging fact that he loves his mother in every way and spends perfect time with him.
Recently, the taboo of perfect motherhood has been broken down and books on different aspects of motherhood have started to increase.
I'm happy to see such books, and I hope it keeps growing!

In space with my mother

Writer: Contact Ahmet directly

Artist: View Sedat's Full Profile

Publisher: Daylight Library

Age: 5+

Another unusual book on motherhood was added. Hooray!

One of the books of the Zeyno Books series, written by Ahmet Büke, is in Space with Mom. So Zeyno has a slightly different family. His mother drives a space shuttle.
His father is very successful in cooking and poetry. One day, Zeynep's mother decides to go into space as an astronaut and the doors to a delightful story open.

You must make room for your book in this library, where the roles of parents are reversed!

Vesta - Lynnea and Monster Mother

Writer: Salla Savolainen - Tove Appelgren

Translator: Example: Ali Arda

Publisher: Magical Lantern Publications

Age: 4+

Vesta-Linnéa has a huge family of five. Their beloved mother always does her best and tries to make them happy.
She loves her children like all mothers. But it's not always everyone's enjoyment. People sometimes make different plans and want different things. And that's what happened that day.
Even though Vesta-Linnéa's mother is calm at first, the little girl is slowly losing patience in the face of her stubbornness. Even if Vesta-Linnéa sees this and tries to correct her mistake, it's too late. Things are getting out of hand.
The mother-daughter must first discover the secrets of conflict, then lovingly accepting each other. After all, no one can always be caring and pleasant.

Vesta-Linnéa and the Monster Mother, aside from the concept of excellence, focus on real human relationships, conflict resolution in which everyone expresses and accepts freely.
With the Vesta-Linnéa series, Tove Appelgren tells warm stories about feelings and self-recognition.


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