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When should babies swim?

When should babies swim?

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Your first vacation after your baby is always a topic filled with plenty of question marks. Many questions, such as whether your youngest has grown up enough for this trip, whether they can swim in the sea or in the pool, and when is the best time to learn to swim, will challenge your mind.

Whether you're on holiday or not, there are many benefits to your child being able to swim from a very young age. This activity, which activates all the muscles of the body, has a great role especially on physical and mental development.

Therefore, parents first want to learn when and how they can teach their children to swim. Because it is a much more easily acquired ability to develop innate reflexes infants swimmingis very popular and can be taught comfortably at an early age.

What is the time your child is ready for this and what should be paid attention to?

Swimming in Infancy

Many parents are considering taking swimming lessons for their children from a very young age. The main reason to start this activity, especially when the children are young, is the innate plunge of the little ones, breathability and reflex have.

In the womb Infants in amniotic fluid for 9 months and the relationship between them is much more. This allows your pup to adapt more easily to the water, the pool or the sea, and more easily control their movement in the water.

Also found in their bodies in the first months also due to the proportion of brown oils is more difficult. All of these features provide enough reasons for the little ones to meet the water as soon as possible, given the benefits of swimming.

The Benefits of Swimming for Children

As it is known, swimming activity has many positive effects on all young and old individuals. These effects are of great value for the development of infants.

The benefits of swimming in infants at an early age;

  • It contributes to muscle development by strengthening all body muscles, especially the hands, arms, legs, feet, neck and back.
  • The development of motor skills It provides.
  • It allows the lungs to develop faster thanks to breath control under water.
  • Provides stability control.
  • Improves coordination.
  • It protects cardiovascular health and supports blood circulation.
  • Improving the baby's sense of independence increased self-confidence It provides.
  • Baby with his parents spending time in the pool or at the sea bond with parents Strengthened.
  • Thanks to the calming effect of the water, the little ones relax and become more peaceful and pleasant.
  • In later times, crawling and walking are faster.
  • It helps in digestive system problems and sleep problems.
  • the brain mental development because it strengthens the relationship with the nervous system also has a positive effect on.

What is the ideal time for babies to swim?

One of the most curious questions of families with babies'when should babies start swimming? ' It is the question. It is normal to wonder when the ideal time for your young and vulnerable offspring.

Babies after birth during the first 6 months are vulnerable. The body's defense mechanism begins to function exactly after about 6 months.

By experts, the conditions such as the pool or the sea being sufficiently sterile for the little ones, the water temperature being at an appropriate value that will not make them cold and ill, allows them to move more easily in the water and allow you to grasp more easily. 4-6 months and after swimming can be taught It is indicated.

Of course, it may be best to consult your own pediatrician beforehand because this time may vary in each baby and some special situations may occur.

How to Teach Children to Swim

Parents have two different ways to teach their children to swim:

Through an Instructor or Course;

If you have decided to hire an instructor for your offspring and your child is still very young, such courses may one of the parents to accompany the baby It wants.

Thus, your pup will feel more secure and adapt to the water much faster. You will learn how best to help your child when you are alone.

With your own methods;

If you want to live your first swimming experience together with your child and teach him / her, you can succeed by taking care of some tricks.

  • Always keep your child close to you first.
  • Often in the water with him Make eye contact and is safe The feel.
  • Try using a toy to get used to the water.
  • If you are afraid of water, do not be overly insistent. Start with a few minutes of short exercises and gradually increase the time.
  • First, start teaching in the supine position and make sure to support the shoulders and back.
  • Teach him not to swallow and blow the water.
  • At first, keep it completely in the water. By swallowing water, you prevent the formation of a hobby.
  • Teach them to stay on the water with legs flapping movements.
  • Last prone positions by hand and arm movements You can also try.

What are the points to consider?

Especially during the hot summer months, it is very enjoyable to swim and spend time with your little calf in the indoor or outdoor pools or at sea. However, you should be prepared for some issues before entering the water with the little ones.

  • The temperature of water that your child will enter should be between 30-32 degrees.
  • The pool sufficiently sterile Be sure.
  • Baby swimsuit or swimsuit must be used.
  • For Establishment baby towel or bathrobe It should be taken.
  • Immediately after getting out of the water, it must be replaced with dry clothes.
  • Care should be taken to stand in water for a maximum of 30-40 minutes and then to take a break.
  • If you are outdoors, you should ensure that your baby does not stand in the sun between 11: 00-16: 00, when the sun is most burning, and that you should stand in the shade.
  • Always use sunscreen and lotion.
  • After getting out of the water Prevent skin from drying out and maintain moisture balance for A humidifier should be used.

Remember that infants swimming The ideal time for you is when your baby and you are ready. After taking the necessary precautions, you can teach your child to love this activity by paying attention to applying the right techniques.

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