Books on Individual Differences with Your Child

Books on Individual Differences with Your Child

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Hello, I've looked at the books you can read with your child on individual differences today.


Author: Munro Leaf

Illustrator: Robert Lawson

Publisher: Pena Yayınları

The bulls in Spain dream of going to the arena. Except one; Ferdinand!

He likes to be surrounded by nature and to smell flowers instead of going to the arena. But when the bullfights are forcibly taken to the arena, a great surprise awaits them.

Written by children's book author Munro Leaf in 1936 and illustrated by famous illustrator Robert Lawson, Ferdinand became a classic.


Author: Kyo Maclear

Draws by Isabelle Arsenault

Translator: Gözdenur Çağlayan

Publisher: Hep Kitap

Her mother was a spoon and her father a fork; they called him Kaşal because he looked a bit like both.

Although it does not bother his family because of the different appearance of Kaşal and others unfortunately do not agree with his family.

Forks and spoons are spoons in the kitchen where he lives! All other spoon and fork friends can enjoy a bubble bath in the sink or set up on tables.

The Beard would only watch them. Nobody wanted to accept her with this look. But one morning, when something messy came to the kitchen, maybe Kaşal found the friend he was looking for.


Author: Menena Cottin

Draws by Rosana Faria

Translator: Alpaslan Durmuş

Publisher: Edam Yayıncılık

The Black Book of Colors is one of the most beautiful awareness books I've read. The author tells the visually impaired individuals so beautiful with colors, reliefs and metaphors!

Just as Ibrahim said, you can smell, feel, hear and taste colors in this book. You can read the book in Latin or Braille.


Author: Geoffroy De Pennart

Publisher: Wild Flower Publications

Sirma, who goes to the city to participate in a nationwide music competition, tries to join an orchestra group; but every orchestra he goes to cannot obtain a place when he evaluates it according to his height, horn, clothes, herbivore and weight.

Sirma, increasingly desperate, let's see if she can find her own orchestra.


Author: Rachel Bisseuil

Translator: Genç Osman Yavaş

Publisher: Final Culture and Art Publications

Anabella is a special mouse compared to other mice, because she wants to be friends with an elephant, not a mouse.

But his mother doesn't give it much chance, but he always says, orum I understand you; but elephants are afraid of mice,. he says.

Anabella, on the other hand, tries her luck many times without losing her hope, but unfortunately she always faces the same situation.

Until one day he met Zet, a visually impaired elephant, who told him all the colors of the world.

The wonderful friendship of a visually impaired elephant based on obstacles with the mouse…


Author: Richard Edwards

Publisher: İş Bank Culture Publications

The hippopotamus is not happy to be a small hippopotamus. He always cares about other animals and wants to be like them.

Because it's boring to be a hippo. One day when he walks through the forest, he encounters animals such as monkeys, eagles, and queens.

In every animal he encounters, he tries to be like them; but all attempts fail. Until I met a goat by the pond!


Author: Geert De Kockere - Carll Cneut

Publisher: Sarıgaga Yayınları

Bahadır had legs like a pier father, two body that could be counted, two ears fluctuating like a sail, some playful hose towards the end and a small tail. But despite all this, Bahadir was invited everywhere.

For example, when they wanted him to hold something, he could stand upright like a mast, or he was often called to listen to someone, because he could do it very well with two ears.

They used to call him for painting; because the feather on the tip of his tail could even draw the finest lines. Bahadir was even invited to the choir to keep the rhythm, of course he would do it perfectly with the hose.

You can see all that pier father legs, sailing like ears, despite the short tail Bahadir is an excellent ivory!


"Just because someone is small doesn't stop it from being a great artist!"

One of my favorite children's books with its subject matter and drawings is Nohutçuk.

Indeed the name itself is exactly the size of a chickpea grain. You might think how; but he doesn't think so.

Despite her tiny body, she wrestles, walks, climbs, drives, and more.

Aside from all these differences, he is a little chickpea who lives his life to the fullest!


Writer:Christine Baldacchino

Artist: Isabelle Malenfant

Translator: View Deniz's Full Profile

Publisher: Güldünya Publications

It was one of the most diverse books I've ever read, Morris Micklewhite. She prefers wearing orange dresses, picking up shoes and is very happy to wear them.

But when she goes to school with her favorite clothes, her friends don't think the same about her and don't want her involved.

But then when Morris and the other children share the same dream, a pleasant change begins. This book is one of my favorite books with the drawings of Güldünya Publishing. 


Author - Illustrator: Marion Deuchars

Translator: Sima Özkan

Imprint: Fom Kitap

Bob is a bird that loves himself in every way, just like the others. Okay, maybe his legs are skinny, but he's not bothered by it.

Until the people around him don't think like Bob and make fun of his skinny legs. When she is sad, she decides to thicken her skinny legs.

He does sports, eats, prefers clothes to cover his legs; but futile. Then one day while visiting the art gallery, Bob comes up with a great idea and a solution that will make everyone admire him.


Authors: Sara Şahinkanat

Illustrator: Feridun Oral

Publisher: Yapı Kredi Publications

The baby octopus, Nino, could hardly get out of bed each morning and put on his clothes with the help of his mother.

The reason he was forced to wear it was that Nino was tired of being an octopus with eight arms and wearing eight-hole clothes every morning.

His only wish was to turn into an eel, but one morning something happened that Nino was now proud to be an octopus. I wonder what changed Nino's mind?


Author: Jaume Copons

Illustrator: Guridi

Translator: Mehmet Çilingir

Publisher: Tekir Kitap

All About People talks about people who have many different characteristics.

For example, small or large nose; people with or without a mustache; people who fear snakes or spiders, storms; people with colored eyes; people eating meat or vegetables; from people climbing to the top of the mountains or diving into the bottom of the oceans…

In fact, just a few, especially how different and special from each other, aren't we? A pleasant book where you can talk about differences with your children is waiting for you.


Authors: Özge Bahar Sunar

Illustrator: Uğur Altun

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Yayınları

On a day when the sun shines brightly in the sky, the countryside is full of people picnicking, reading books, cycling and doing sports. Everyone will enjoy this beautiful day.

Until the clouds covered the sky and the rain began! When the rain starts, people who have to return to their homes suddenly start talking about the rain.

Hearing the rain, everyone is so upset and angry that everyone is very disappointed and decides not to rain again. Of course, as it no longer rains, people go back to their old joyful times. In the park, in the garden, in the countryside.

When they come, they realize that the grass turns yellow, the animals become dehydrated, and even they are suffocated by the heat. Hearing-impaired girl, who is trying to dance by feeling the raindrops, is upset that the rain no longer rains.

I wonder if the rain ruined some of the day; Is it indispensable for some?


Author: Anna Kemp

Draws by Sara Ogilvie

Translator: Gülbin Baltacıoğlu

Publisher: Pearson Publications

The main protagonists of My Dog Does Not Ballet are a little girl and her unusual dog.

One day, the little girl takes ballet lessons and asks her father if the dogs can ballet. With her father's response that dogs can't ballet The adventure of the little girl and her dog begins. The journey of the little girl with her dog awaits everyone, especially the readers, with a surprising end.

“My dog ​​is different. Not like other dogs. He doesn't act like them. He doesn't drink water from the toilet, doesn't bite slippers, doesn't chase cats… My dog ​​thinks he's a ballerina! ”

The little girl and her dog are waiting for their little readers at the doorway to their dream world. The colorful drawings in the book both facilitate reading and contribute to the development of children's creativity.


Author - Illustrator: Oğuz Demir

Publisher: Uçanbalık Yayınları

Can an ostrich do anything if he wants to? Sure, why not? Unhappy with being chased by tigers every day, the ostrich wants to fly like parrots.

Some banana leaves, some bamboo and some ivy. Then he wants to fly like flamingos flying higher in the sky, while flying with flamingos he takes care of the eagle that circles at the top of the mountain.

But is it only the ostrich who cares about the personal characteristics of other animals? Maybe a turtle takes care to be long-legged like an ostrich. 🙂

An Ostrich Can Do Anything, a fun story about the beauty of individual differences from Oguz Demir's pen.


Authors: Göknil Özkök

Illustrator: Ceyhun Şen

Publisher: Can Çocuk Yayınları

On the same level as the sidewalk, Gün lives on the bottom floor of an apartment building in front of his window, where potted flowers do not open.

His life is flowing in front of this window, watching the passing shoes. He's afraid to go out, so his shoes are just standing on the shelf.

But one day, a little girl notices a window in which she looks out and a miracle takes place na A naïve, warm story about social awareness with children and talking about differences. Göknil Özkök's story is accompanied by Ceyhun Şen's wonderful drawings.


Author: Ciğeri Uegaki

Illustrator: Stephane Jorisch

Translator: Dila Altındiş Balcı

Publisher: Meav Yayıncılık

Suki's favorite thing is that she is determined to wear the blue kimono that her grandmother gave her last summer and the blue kimono on the first day of school. Even at the beginning, even Suki's brothers try to dissuade them by saying that if they wear such an outfit, everyone will look at him strange and make fun of him. But Suki doesn't give up and goes to school with whatever clothes he wants. Of course, as your brothers say. A lot of kids laughing and laughing at the blue kimono ... So, Suki? He's still very happy with his blue kimono! J

Choosing to be himself, self-confidence and differences on Meav Publishing.


Author - Illustrator: Marco Viale

Translator: Nilüfer Uğur Dalay

Publisher: Cinar Publications

Blue wolves live a uniform life in the City of Blue Wolves. They go by doing the same things every day without breaking their order.

Of course, not only wolves in this city; sea, sky, houses, tables, even blue pee. But one day, a red wolf with a red bike comes to the city and their lives begin to change.

Respecting differences from Çınar Yayınları is a beautiful story about being open to innovation and change.


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