Facts About Spinach Poisoning

Facts About Spinach Poisoning

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For both infants and adults, spinach has an important place in nutrition. We hear bad statements about spinach, which is a source of calcium and iron which reinforces the tiny bones of babies.

A large number of people in Istanbul admitted to hospitals with poisoning complaints, and when the examination revealed that spinach was the cause of poisoning.

The cause of spinach poisoning; spinach was found to be weeds.

We said let's learn from the business specialist and İ.A.Ü. We interviewed with Mohammad Altiti, MD, MD Medical Park Florya Hospital, Pediatric Specialist, about Spinach poisoning.

What do you think about the news of spinach poisoning?

Spinach does not normally poison, but it contains waited spinach or reheated spinach nitrate, which reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the tissues, which can cause bruising on the lips and fingers, and may cause shortness of breath in very serious intake.

But the poisoning in the news is not caused by spinach, but by a plant similar to it. “Beautiful belladonna”With its depletion, symptoms such as restlessness, weakness, change of consciousness, decrease in urination, and growth of eye dolls occur.

Another cause of poisoning may be due to overuse of pesticides or early collection of spinach and non-washing.

What are the symptoms of spinach poisoning?

Symptoms of spinach poisoning:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Large pupils

What can be done to prevent spinach poisoning?

It is best not to consume spinach for a while to prevent spinach poisoning. To avoid poisoning, spinach can be consumed several times. vinegar It is washed. Apart from washing, buying spinach from a reliable vendor, keeping the cooked spinach and heating it again will prevent poisoning.

When Spinach waits, Histamine content increases in the following days, which can cause stomach cramps and allergic reactions. It is recommended to be consumed within two hours after cooking.

From which month can babies be given spinach?

You can wait for the 8th month to give your baby spinach. You can give your baby spinach at the 8th month in consultation with the doctor who follows your baby's development.

Specialist Doctor Mohammad Altiti


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