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Birth Photographer Esra Sönmez

Birth Photographer Esra Sönmez

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I'm esra. I was born in Ankara. I have worked as a kindergarten teacher for 10 years. My first pain, my angel Nas' adventure began for me. It was a very immersive adventure that soon my little angel Nile joined us. We have spring season with my wife and daughters. Sometimes we shed leaves, sometimes we bloom. Like everyone… .
As my daughters grew day by day, the baby smell in my house decreased. I was used to that smell, and I knew I couldn't stay away. Thanks to the birth photography I dreamed of for a long time, I will be close to that innocent smell again.
Every day, every moment, every second;
Is there such a unique, fascinating, unique range of moments each time? Maybe the sunrise after all…
We wish you to be with you when the sun rises to your home and meet that moment together.

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