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All Details About Newborn Sleep Pattern!

All Details About Newborn Sleep Pattern!

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Daytime Sleeps4-5 times in total, 8-9 hours
Night's SleepWake up every 2-3 hours for a total of 8-9 hours
Alert Time40-60 min.
Total Sleep16-18 Hours

Babies begin to grow and develop at an extraordinary speed from the moment they are born. This means a very serious need for energy. In order to find this energy, they sleep a lot and they want to be fed every time they are awake. Since their stomachs are still very small, they cannot get the food they need at once.

20-30 minutes after feeding the stomach 15-20 minutes awake mold they sleep again and this continues all day as nutrition, staying awake and sleeping.

Since they are still biologically developing, it is not right to expect an order of daytime sleep. It is enough for them to sleep during the day when they need it.

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At night, the maximum 3-5 hours uninterrupted Can sleep. Even if they don't wake up at night, you should take it every 3 hours and feed it and put it back in bed. in terms of your milk production It is very important.

The most important thing you can do about sleep during this period is to make them feel comfortable and feel safe.

You can do this by adapting the most beautiful womb environment to the outside world as much as possible. Finding similar conditions in the first months as they still think of themselves in the womb will help them relax and easily go to sleep.

During this period, you can take advantage of the following tips to streamline your baby's sleep:

Tips for Better Sleep

Safe Sleep Environment

First, you need to do safe sleeping environment Provide. For this, you should lay your baby on your back without having a pillow, bed sheet, blanket and toys that will block your baby's breathing path.

Keep a diary

Once your baby is born, your first days will be spent running through the feed-gas extraction-diaper changing-sleep cycle.

In this process, the diary will help you to understand your baby's habits and order, without having to keep in mind what happened. If you do this not only for sleep, but for every step you apply to your baby, you will find it very useful to keep your order in the coming days.

Teaching Day and Night Difference

Babies do not know the difference day and night when they are born. They can sleep long during the day and wake up very often at night.
In this case, in order to tell them the difference between day and night and to regulate their sleep, their daytime sleep is lighter and louder, and their night sleep is In a dark and quiet environment them.

Editing Sleep Times

If your baby sleeps longer than 2 hours, you can wake him up slowly and feed him. In this way, you will not only get the amount of nutrients it needs, but also encourage it to sleep short during the day and long at night.

I never support waking up a sleeping baby, but intervening in such situations would be very useful for establishing a regular sleeping habit in the future.

Doing different activities day and night

Another important thing to do to avoid the chaos day and night is to separate the activities. During the day you can play fun and cheerful games, and at night you can have more calm activities that prepare you to sleep.
You can sing and talk to him during the day while feeding him and changing his diapers. When you wake up at night, you should feed it quietly without turning the lights on, remove the gas and change the diaper, then put it to bed again.

Making It Full

Babies need to have the calories they need to sleep for a long time. But as they are too weak, they can get tired and fall asleep during feeding.

If he falls asleep in the first few days without even sucking for 10 minutes, you should gently wake him up and let him continue. We woke up the sleeping baby again, didn't we? But being full will help your baby sleep long enough for both day and night sleep.

Watch our video on suggestions for sleepless babies.

Using Swaddles

Babies are still mistaken for the first 3-4 months. Therefore, the closer you create an environment in the womb, the easier you will fall asleep.

The swaddle not only relieves your baby from the feeling of congestion and warmth in the womb, but also prevents uncontrolled hand and arm movements during sleep and sometimes causes it to wake up.

These uncontrolled hand-arm movements 3-4. Since the end of the month will end around this time you can use swaddling time to sleep. The only thing to be aware of is that you do the carriage as a half carriage, not just the whole body of your baby, but only in the arms.


Babies are born with a sucking reflex that allows them to relax. Most of the time they do this in the womb. Therefore, after getting used to taking the mother's breast, you can try a pacifier for your baby to relax by the end of the first month.

Thus, your baby needs the suction reflex does not meet you with the pacifier. However, you should give the pacifier only sleep times and absolutely not force it if it does not.

Taking advantage of white noise

It's a very noisy environment for babies. They hear all the sounds outside in the form of hum. The sound of the mother's organs, the flow of blood circulating in the veins, even if it is completely silent outside, causes all babies to be in an audible environment at all times.

Therefore, providing a quiet environment after birth, instead of comforting them worries on the contrary. They need sounds similar to what they hear in the womb to make them feel safe. The biggest help in this regard is the white noise.

The white noise sounds that you will turn to sleep time will both relax and give your baby a feeling of being in the womb. transition to sleep by suppressing external sounds It will facilitate.

You can click on the link below for easy access to your sleeping buddy who makes white noise sounds for your baby.

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You must also relax: Every time your baby sleeps, you should also sleep, at least try to rest. The more you rest in the early days, the more you will have the stamina and patience in the following days.

Also note that hormones that increase breast milk are also secreted during sleep. In other words, you can relax and take the energy you need to increase your milk and spend more productive time with your baby.

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