Tips for Preparing a Baby Room

Tips for Preparing a Baby Room

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Parents who start preparing for their little angels who will join their lives with a sweet excitement, also search for a feverish search for the baby room. They are excited to prepare their room before their babies come home and to buy many new things and furniture. They do research for the baby's room and get ideas from experienced families.

But unfortunately most of the time; maybe the room is filled with lots of things that the baby will never use. However, to fill the room with unnecessary items and incompatible colors; It can be tiring for you and your little baby! Because when preparing a baby room, you should take every step with two main goals: Safety and comfort!

Medical Park Bursa Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Hüseyin Tatar; healthy and beautiful baby room tips:

• While preparing the room for your baby; if the room is filled with curbs, drapes, curtains, car, flower or teddy bear patterns; It can be very tiring for you and your little baby! Make sure to repeat the patterns that make up the theme of the room in harmony. When preparing a baby's room, remember two basic points: Safety and convenience!

• First of all, all materials used should be selected as healthy and particularly easy to clean. Wooden flooring; is a type of flooring that is not preferred because it holds a lot of dirt and is difficult to clean.
• Laying carpets on the floor, which is a frequently preferred method; may cause some drawbacks for infants and children. Because the carpet; it can become a nest of dust and microorganisms, causing microbial and allergic problems. In addition, carpet and carpet type materials; as it absorbs moisture from the room, it can make breathing difficult for allergic babies. Ideally; is easy to wash or wipe (eg laminate, parquet).

• Researches; metal materials by producing a magnetic field, has revealed that negatively affect the human organism. Metal can cause the baby to feel tired and consequently sleep disturbances. Therefore, large metal furniture should not be kept in the baby's room.
• It is a healthy choice that the furniture in the baby's room is made of wood. However, you should prefer furniture that uses non-toxic paints. Also make sure that the furniture does not have sharp protrusions. When buying furniture, make sure that the dimensions are such that they leave the playground when the baby grows. Remember that a famous architect says; 'Less is more!'

NORTH, A WINDOW ROOM…• In the light of the researches; an ideal baby room is recommended to be 12-15 square meters and at least 1 window. Rooms with no sun and no air exchange are not suitable for the baby's health.
• It is also recommended that the room be located in the north-east or north-west of the house. So; the room can see the sun during the most spacious hours of the day (at sunrise and at sunset). The rooms in the southern part of the house; As it is the warmest part of the house, especially in the summer, it is not recommended as a children's room.

• Also pay attention to the lighting of the room; firstly, there should be a room that takes air and enters sunlight. Although difficult to apply; the light sources in the house should not be in the middle of the room and the light should not be reflected through the ceiling or walls. The light from the chandelier should not be too strong, the chandelier should be small, white or yellow light should be selected. For the night, low-light night lights should be preferred.

PASTEL COOLS• Pastel colors, which are used in most baby rooms today, are the most ideal ones. Cool colors such as blue and green have a calming effect; it also keeps flies away. Dark paints make the room small. Light colors give room refreshment. The white color is not recommended for baby rooms. Snow white color; it gives the room a non-relaxing atmosphere, but it can leave an impression like a hospital room. Ivory and ice or opaque colors can be used in the baby's room. The red color is remarkable; you can add vitality to the room using a few items.

When your baby grows

• When decorating the room; consider your child's height and characteristics. His whole life; Please set it according to its eye and level of transportation. Make sure that the system you will use is suitable for your child's use; the possibility of access to the toy box without going anywhere, the mechanism is appropriate for the age and so on.
• Design the drawers to be used or the boxes on the shelf so that they are visible to the inside.
• Start below when editing. Place frequently used toys on the lower levels and more visual and less used on the upper levels.
• Diversify! You don't have to do uniform toy storage! In the same concept you can use a toy chest and a basket hanging from the ceiling. Instead of open shelves, choose boxes to be filled. Choose the size of these boxes to suit your child's carrying capacity.

• If you use a shelf, the sides should be closed; Otherwise they will all topple when buying a book! Note, however, that toys such as a car series or series of animals will be displayed on a low shelf, not in a box.
• Pay attention to safety! Keep in mind; If a child sees his beloved toy on a shelf upstairs, he will not hesitate to take many dangerous paths to get it. Therefore, planning shelves with a height considering the height of your child prevents possible accidents from the beginning.
• Classify and label! Classify toys and teach them to your child. Mark toy boxes for preschool children with labels of different colors. Lifting toys becomes a fun game.
• Transform! Do not make all of your child's toys available. Periodically, remove some of them from the top and less used shelves of the cupboards and the storage room, and others again. In this way, you will see that the budget you have allocated for the toy has also fallen.
• Make changes! You will see that cars, babies and musical instruments that have been tampered with for hours in tiny hands become unrecognizable after a while. Car wheels accumulated in boxes, bags that don't belong to the baby, some caps değiştir If you can't use them in their original form, change them, do collage work or make some car with a little imagination, for example using cardboard!

• Make your child a partner! When buying a box, let it choose its shape or color. Organize toys together, encourage them to maintain order. Even specify a theme; Use this theme or character in certain places in the room and in the toy basket.
• Perhaps the most functional of toy boxes; they serve as storage, but they also contribute to the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, stools and tables that can store toys inside; Units with or without play area, six drawers, as well as your child's interest.


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