Things to Consider When Choosing a Diaper

Things to Consider When Choosing a Diaper

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Onlar Among the dozens of diapers on the market, whichever you think is best for my baby *, let us give you 7 criteria to consider when buying.

1- Girl or boy?

Your baby's gender matters. Because many of the diapers sold on the girl or boy will see you write. As for the reason; As the region where the pee spread of the girl or boy is different, the cloth manufacturers increase the absorbency of that part of the diaper. So your baby's genital area remains sand.

2- Is it hygienic?

Cleaning is important because your baby's diaper area is susceptible to germs. To ensure cleanliness, first choose the packaged products. Because they do not get dirty during moving and waiting for purchase. You can never be sure of cleaning cloths sold outdoors. The second important point is that you must choose known, reliable brands. These brands are sensitive to cleaning the cloth.

3- According to your weight?

When choosing diapers is important to bear your baby, not weight. Under or over her weight, the diaper leaks and annoys the baby. You realize that not every baby will have the same weight, even if it is in the same month. Even birth weights are different; some 2.500 g are born, some 4,000 g. So choose the diapers that fit your baby's weight. Let us remind you that your baby is about 6 different diaper lengths (between 2-28 pounds) according to your baby's toilet training period, starting from the newborn. The weight of the baby is indicated on the diaper package.

4- How is the suction power?

The suction power of the diaper will keep your baby dry for longer, as well as the longer you change the diaper. In this respect, it is a healthy and economic choice. Because your baby is prevented from rash formation, you will spend less money than you will use less diapers. In order to understand the suction power, you must either make comparisons using different brands or take into account the experience of other mothers.

5- Does it get air?

The deaeration of the gland is one of the most important (nemli "moist factors) to prevent skin irritation. Irritations occur due to temperature and humidity in the airless genital area, as well as the reproduction of harmful bacteria that may cause problems on the skin.

6- Is it ergonomic?

Do not eliminate the diaper ergonomic feature, it is happening! The diapers, which are produced in accordance with the baby's weight and neck, both comfort the baby and prevent minor accidents such as infiltration. This rule also applies to sidebands. Non-ergonomic sidebands cause the cloth to remain tight or loose. We should also remind you that the tapes should not break down immediately. When you have to turn on and off several times to check, the quality tape sticks again. Poor quality does not stick.

7- Are there cute figures?

This may sound strange when you first hear this question. But experienced mothers know the importance of cute figures and colors. When babies develop their hand and foot skills, you will see that they are trying to remove their diapers. This is not because he doesn't like diapers, but because they love being naked. In this process, let's say that cute figures on the diaper will make it easier for your baby to adopt the diaper.

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