25 things grandparents should never say

25 things grandparents should never say

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New grandparents have a right to their opinions – but these can get them in trouble. From unwelcome judgments to unsolicited advice, moms in our Community shared the real comments they wish they hadn't heard from Grandma or Grandpa.

1. "I thought of the perfect name for the baby!"

2. "That name might be bad luck – it was the name of Uncle Leon's son who drowned."

3. "Isn't that a dog's name?"

4. "I'm just calling because I haven't heard from you in so long, I was getting worried my grandchild would forget about me!"

5. "That's not how I used to do that." (accompanied by a doubtful expression or disapproving frown)

6. "Of course I'll be in the delivery room. I expect to be there when my grandchild is born!"

7. "Are you still breastfeeding? Don't you think he's a little old for that?"

8. "In my day, we didn't breastfeed because we were more conscious of our looks. We didn't want our husbands to have to spend the rest of their lives looking at saggy breasts."

9. Looking around the room: "It must be hard to keep the house clean when you're gone so much at work."

10. "I don't know how you do it, working these long hours. The baby must miss you so much."

11. "You kids ate plenty of candy and you didn't choke. Here you are, fine and healthy!"

12. "All these allergies you're worried about – are you sure they're real and not just some fad?"

13. To the new mom: "Honey, have you started trying to lose that extra weight yet?"

14. "But in our family, we always circumcise!"

15. "You managed to afford that vacation in Hawaii, so I don't see why you can't afford the plane ticket home."

16. "Don't you think you should wash that blanket he always carries around?"

17. "Isn't it time to have a christening?"

18. "I agree with Emily, I think a puppy would be a wonderful pet. She says she'll take care of it!"

19. "Darling, you know I love giving presents to the baby, but it feels a little ungrateful when I don't get a thank-you note."

20. In front of the grandchild: "I remember how much trouble you and your sister used to get into. You were quite the wild ones!"

21. "You don't have to pick him up every time he cries. You don't want to spoil him, after all."

22. "Oh, look at those eyelashes, so wasted on a boy!"

23. "Should you be letting her eat that? She's getting a little chunky, don't you think?"

24. "Doesn't she have some pretty dresses she could wear? What about that red one I gave her?"

25."Don't be so uptight. It's okay to relax the rules a little bit when Grandma's here!"

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