7 unsettling toddler habits

7 unsettling toddler habits

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Head banging

Your toddler bangs his head on the bars of his crib (for example) – and it's obviously on purpose. It seems strange, but it's quite common. Up to 20 percent of babies and toddlers do it.

Find out why kids do it and when most of them give up the head-banging habit.

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Did you know that babies suck their thumb in the womb? And it's sweet when your newborn finds her thumb and comforts herself. But if your child's thumb sucking continues into toddlerhood, naturally at some point you start wondering when it will end.

Find out why your little one is hooked on the thumb habit, whether it's safe for her teeth, and what (if anything) you need to do.

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Nose picking

This may be one of the most irritating habits for parents. It's embarrassing and unsightly. Is it a sign of anxiety? And what can you do to stop it?

Find out why kids pick their nose – certain conditions and environments, you'll discover, make it more likely. And get experts tips for how to handle your toddler's nose picking.

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Of all the typical toddler bad habits, this is probably the most likely to persist into adulthood. It could be a relatively harmless way of dealing with a bit of stress – or a sign of bigger anxieties. How do kids turn into nail biters, and how can you stop your child from gnawing away?

Find out why kids are likely to bite their nails, what you can do and say about it, and when to worry.

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Using a pacifier

It's not unusual for walking, talking little children to hang on to their binky. And it can be a lifesaver in times of change or stress. Still, you may be hoping your little one will grow out of the pacifier, but it hasn't happened yet.

Find out if your child is too attached to the pacifier, whether a pacifier can interfere with his developing ability to talk, and other important considerations.

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Swearing and potty talk

If your little one's blossoming ability to chatter, ask questions, and generally communicate verbally has taken an unpleasant turn, don't despair. Kids repeat what they hear, but at this age they don't really know what they're saying – and there are a few strategies that can help put a lid on the potty talk.

Find out how to deal with language you don't like to hear on your toddler's lips, where it might be coming from, and how to discourage it.

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Masturbation starts early. Why? Because it feels good, and it's natural for even the tiniest human beings to explore and discover their body. It's not sexual, but it can make adults uncomfortable.

Find out whether masturbation is normal at this age and how to handle it.

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