Guide to Firsts: First Tooth

Guide to Firsts: First Tooth

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Find out when your baby will cut that first tooth, the signs to watch for, and how to handle teething.

Know the timeline

Most children get their first tooth between 6 and 10 months and have all 20 baby teeth by their third birthday.

Watch for signs

Drooling, chewing, fussiness, swollen gums, and sleep troubles can all be indications of teething.

Offer relief:

Teething toys, washcloths chilled in the refrigerator (not freezer), and infant pain relievers (with your doctor's okay) can all help ease your baby's discomfort.

Watch out

If you're nursing, you may suffer some biting when those first teeth pop through! This often happens near the end of a feeding, so be prepared.

Stay dry

If your baby's drooling a lot, try a little petroleum jelly on the chin to avoid irritation and use a bib to shield clothes.

Be patient

Teething is very tough for some babies, but remember that these fussy, restless, sleepless days won't last forever.

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