Comforting suggestions for mothers who will give birth in summer

Comforting suggestions for mothers who will give birth in summer

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The summer months bring with it various challenges for mothers who have reached the eighth and ninth months of their pregnancy. In particular, doctors recommend healthy pregnancy for pregnant women over the weight of the mother, heat, edema formed in the body, because of the pressure created by the baby sitting, walking and sleeping while having problems. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist at Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital Yildiz Tuncay, mother will share these suggestions with you to solve these problems.

: How does it affect hot mothers in summer?
Dr. Yildiz Tuncay: Increasing air temperature in summer, high humidity rate is the most difficult for the birth of the baby now weeks, days, counting mothers. The increased pressure in the abdomen puts pressure on the stomach and intestines, forces the lungs and heart. As the pregnancy progresses, there is a shortage of breathing and circulation in the mothers.

: What challenges most mothers?
Dr. Yildiz Tuncay: Frequent and difficult breathing is very difficult for pregnant women. With the increase in the pressure in the abdomen, the capacity of the lungs decreases, and air hunger is drawn. Heart palpitations, sudden blood pressure drops. During pregnancy, the amount of blood circulating in the heart circulatory system increases, the burden of the heart increases, the patient expressed it in the form of palpitations. As the pregnancy progresses, edema occurs in the legs due to the deceleration of blood returning from the legs to the heart due to the pressure created by the baby. It causes enlargement and permeability of hot vessels and increases edema. As the blood returning from the legs to the heart decreases, the blood pumped to the body and brain decreases, causing blood pressure drops and fainting. If the mother has anemia (anemia) and varicose veins in the legs, these complaints become more pronounced.

: What is the effect of sweating and water loss?
Dr. Yildiz Tuncay: Sweating with heat, loss of water and dilation of the blood vessels, blood pressure falls, the brain circulation causes fainting. It is possible to alleviate these difficulties by taking some minor measures.

: What are your recommendations for pregnant women?
Dr. Yildiz Tuncay:
• Do not go out at noon at the most heat.
• Sudden blood pressure drops, excessive sweating and loss of water cause fainting. Drinking plenty of water to prevent loss of water and minerals in the body, mineral water or lemonade with less sugar can be an effective solution.
• Do not stay in the heat for a long time. Use a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen product. Do not stay for long, thinking that the sea side will be cool.
• Heatstroke increases body temperature. The baby is also adversely affected. You can resolve this negativity by staying in the shade.
• Short sunbathing is beneficial in the early hours and when the sun loses its effect.
• Do not stand for a long time to remove edema in the legs. Avoid sitting in the same position. For those who have varices in the legs, it is appropriate to use varicose stockings.
• Be careful not to eat excessive or excessive amounts of food or to eat fatty fried foods. Pregnant women with excessive weight gain, get support from a nutritionist, taking care of what you eat.

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