Don't be beaten for fear of birth!

Don't be beaten for fear of birth!

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This is not surprising when we know that our fears of birth are learned fears. How do we know? Kiss. Dr. Ayşe Duman answers the question: “Imagine a 5 to 6-year-old girl watching the nativity scene in the film or series. The woman is giving birth, shouting and shouting. The same girl goes to maternity visit with her mother. The Turkish woman model, fed by pain, begins to explain the pain she suffered at birth… Thus, the child learns that the birth is painful and painful. Now please remember 'how the children feared to be vaccinated because aunt prick will give you an injection, they fear the doctor. Even if the child, who was intimidated by the police, grew up to be 40 - 45 years old, a fear would be filled when the police saw it. While our learned fears limit us so much and miss our joy, the expectant mothers and unborn babies unfortunately get their share. ”

Do not miss the joy of birth fear of pain

What should be done to overcome the fears of birth? The first thing to do is to raise awareness! That's why we need to know what birth is. Kiss. DR. Ayşe Duman says: “Learning scares our woman. In fact, it is not easy to try to teach birth to a woman who has learned what birth is and how painful it is without any effort. For this reason, pain, pain, whether or not to give birth to a frequent or cesarean section prefers. However, learning the birth will make it easier. I have three recommendations for this. ”Here are the recommendations:

Step 1: We need to know accurately what birth is or not.
Step 2: We should cheerfully greet and manage the birth process correctly.
Step 3: We should work with the techniques of erasing our beliefs that we have kept as fear patterns for years and placing the right information.

Kiss. Dr. Ayşe Duman says: “Do not forget that you and your baby will experience your birth according to your preferences. You will feel and enjoy the joy of the birth of the special journey. ”

Approach the birth hollstik

kiss. Dr. Ayşe Duman says that it is possible to overcome these fears with her hollistic approach to birth. What is this program? The holistic approach to birth program enables the expectant mother to become reconciled with the female identity and learn to run all the programs in her body to enjoy the femininity. The aim is to raise awareness of ann motherhood en, one of the programs that make women a woman.


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