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Get parenting info on the go with our mobile apps

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Let our beautifully designed, award-winning app be your guide with expert info, insights, and tips. Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or already have your little one, make the our site app your go-to source for every day of your parenting journey.

Get expert advice and insights for getting pregnant or for your pregnancy

  • Learn about preparing to get pregnant and trying to conceive
  • Use our helpful ovulation calculator
  • Find out everything you need to know to have the healthiest pregnancy possible
  • See what your baby looks like each week with detailed fetal development images and videos
  • Connect with other moms-to-be due the same month as you
  • Turn weekly bumpie pics of your growing belly into a time-lapse video keepsake
  • Track your baby with a kick counter and your labor with a contraction timer

Get daily parenting guidance through your baby’s first year

  • Support, advice, reminders, laughs, and everything else you need as a new parent
  • Track your baby's development with a personalized daily calendar
  • Get well-timed expert advice on sleep, feeding, health, activities, and more
  • Organize photos of your baby's "firsts" and funny moments all in one place
  • Connect with moms of babies born the same month as yours – the same moms you met when you were pregnant.

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Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most exciting and important decisions you'll make as a parent, but it can also be super stressful.

Baby Names by our site is here to help.

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Custom-tailored baby names in a flash

Our baby name creator generates customized name lists based on baby names you like – and, just as important, names you don't.

Swiping narrows your list

A quick swipe lets you vote on each name. Our app then quickly learns what you like and offers you more baby names we hope you’ll love.

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Forget messy spreadsheets and endless texts back and forth. With our app, you can connect your account with others so you can all weigh in on names you like. It's the quicker, easier, and more fun way for you to discover the perfect name – together.

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