Attention-enhancing games and research for children

Attention-enhancing games and research for children

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Children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can improve their performance with appropriate help. If you want your child to improve his / her performance, you can help him / her with small games.

Here are games that will accelerate your child's memory and attention development…

Memory Exercises:

1. Finding Different Picture:

The child tries to find out what is different from the four pictures shown to him in these exercises. After finding what is different, it should explain why it is different than others.

2. Picture Recall:

The child is shown a picture for one minute and the picture is closed after one minute. Then questions about the picture are asked.

a- What were the kids doing?
b- What was on the boy?
c- What color was the girl's eyes?

3. Finding the Difference Between Two Pictures:

The child is shown two pictures that are similar but have little differences. The differences are explained to the child.

4. Recalling Shapes:

The parent shows the child a minute by drawing a set of geometric shapes. After a minute, the picture is closed and the child is asked to draw as much as he can remember.

5. Asking Questions about the Story Told:

The child is told a short story. Questions are then asked about certain parts of this story.

Distracting Games:

1. Narration:

The child is given a short reading and is asked to read as much as he can within five minutes. At the end of five minutes, the child is asked to tell what he or she understands. This game also improves the child's short-term memory.

2. Nesna Storage:

For this game, a certain room of the house is selected and the child is told to look carefully at the objects around him. Any object is hidden when the child leaves the room. When the child returns to the room, he tries to find out which object is hidden.

3. Balloon Playing:

Players throw an inflated balloon against each other and try not to drop it. This game also supports the child's concentration.

4. Word Finding from last letter:

One of the players starts the game by saying a word. The player who comes after it says a new word using the last letter of the spoken word. This way the game continues.

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