Age-by-age sensory activities

Age-by-age sensory activities

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From the minute babies are born, they're learning about the world through their five senses. This learning doesn't stop as kids get older – sensory play is a great way to engage kids in exploring the world around them. Use this age-by-age guide for brain-building sensory activities:


Engage your baby's sense of touch by having him feel different materials. Take soft fabric, smooth plastic, and any other textured baby-safe object you have lying around and run your child's fingers over the materials one at a time. Watch to see how she reacts to touching each item. Can you tell which textures she likes best?


Toddlers are ready to take their sense of touch to the next level. Break out the clay, Play-Doh, Oobleck, and slime. Let your child play with each substance at once. Model how to use words to describe how the different materials feel. For example, “This Oobleck is so sticky!” Ask your child to share how each material feels to him, giving him a chance to experiment with new vocabulary.


Put on different types of music and have your preschooler describe what she hears. Give her a piece of paper for each type of music and have her draw whatever comes to mind. Encourage your child to create abstract art out of lines, using them to express the sounds in the music she hears. Label the different drawings she creates (“jazz,” “classical,” “rock,” etc.), and display them. Have your preschooler visually compare and contrast her creations.

Big Kids

Big kids are ready to use their sensory knowledge to play mystery games. Play mystery sounds such as animal noises, and have kids try to guess what they are. Put spices or other aromatic items in paper bags and ask your child to guess the smell. Alternatively, you can have your child feel mystery objects in paper bags. These activities are a great way for kids to think about what life would be like without their sense of sight, and how they could use their other senses to help them make sense of the world.

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