How to navigate Thanksgiving with a picky eater

How to navigate Thanksgiving with a picky eater

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Thanksgiving is all about the stuffing and pumpkin pie – unless you have a picky eater. Managing your expectations and welcoming creativity can make this holiday a bit more exciting for her.

If you're feeling anxious about Thanksgiving, take a deep breath. It's normal to worry about her getting the nutrients she needs to thrive. Learning how to eat and like foods is a process that requires patience and time.

Therapist, author, and lecturer Ellyn Satter's division of responsibility promotes a sense of ease around the dinner table. According Satter's feeding principles, you decide what, when, and where to eat, and let him determine whether to eat and how much. Pressuring him to finish his vegetables or bribing him with dessert only reinforces his finicky eating habits.

Including one or two dishes you know she likes will head off a dinner table meltdown. Familiar tastes provide flavor bridges for her to try new foods. Bringing additional snacks is another great idea to tame her hunger after the meal.

Encouraging him to use his senses can provide a fresh perspective on his plate. Ask him about colors, smells, flavors, and textures. If you have time, look up a few fun facts about traditional Thanksgiving foods. Nutrition education, coupled with creative exploration, will give him a greater sense of initiative for trying new foods.

Recruiting her to grocery shop or help cook increases the likelihood she will try new foods, especially vegetables.

If she only eats dinner rolls with butter and dessert, don't fret. Picky eating is a common theme among children. Spending time with loved ones is the most important reason for this season.

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