These sleeping quadruplets are the cutest thing you'll see today

These sleeping quadruplets are the cutest thing you'll see today

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Imagine! Four sleeping beauties!

They may be just two months old, but sisters Abigail, Mckayla, Grace and Emily Webb have already managed to steal the hearts of thousands.

The quadruplets from Alberta, Canada recently posed for – well, snoozed through, to be precise – a newborn photo shoot that is so adorable it may just make your ovaries explode. You've been warned.

Take a look at some of the beautiful woodland-themed shots of the Webb quadruplets captured by maternity and baby photographer Cassandra Jones of Noelle Mirabella Photography.

The girls' parents Bethani and Tim Webb made headlines earlier this year when they revealed that they were expecting naturally-conceived identical quadruplets. Having received no fertility treatments at all and with no history of multiples on either side of the family, the couple were understandably shocked when they were first told about the 1-in-15-million pregnancy.

"I could not believe it, I was in such shock," Bethani admitted during her pregancy. "Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn’t believe it."

The quadruplets arrived when she was 33 weeks along, born via C-section on May 6, and all four are healthy and doing well.

Feeding, changing and caring for four newborns is a monumental task, but photographing them so perfectly is quite the challenge, too! Remarkably, Abigail, Mckayla, Grace and Emily all slept through the entire shoot, though photographer Cassandra Jones admits she and her assistants did struggle to tell the girls apart.

It sounds like they're not the only ones! Mom Bethani reveals that they recently had the girls ears pierced, and each wears a different color of stone: Purple for Emily, red for Grace, blue for Abigail, and pink for Mckayla.

The photos of the sleeping quads have drawn plenty of attention since they were shared on the Noelle Mirabella Photography Facebook page. Cassandra's dream-like images have a very special place in mom and dad's hearts, too.

"The pictures she took are absolutely beautiful and I love them so much," Bethani says.

Friends of the Webb family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with the family's finances (48 diapers per day adds up!).

Thanks to Cassandra Jones for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us. Be sure to follow Noelle Mirabella Photography on Facebook and visit the website to see more.

Photos: Noelle Mirabella Photography

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