Divorced children and school life

Divorced children and school life

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In Turkey to combine their double lives about 600 thousand years sitting on the wedding table, it turns out the judge to divorce as couples close to 100 thousand. In divorced families, children get the most injuries.
Eyüboğlu Kemerburgaz Primary School Psychological Counselor Cem Ceylansays divorce doesn't just affect children emotionally, it can also reduce attention performance.

This year, April-May-June, covering the three-month period, 162 thousand 488 couples married, 32 thousand 743 couples divorced. Divorce rates increased by 5.7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. 41 percent of divorce cases are seen in families without children, indicating that the child's presence is an element preventing divorce. So, how do divorce processes affect children's psychology? What needs to be paid attention so that children can survive this process with minimal damage?

The effects of divorce on the child may vary depending on the child's age and gender. For example, research shows that girls may have a higher risk of divorce-related depression than boys. Eyüboğlu Kemerburgaz Elementary School Psychological Counselor Cem Ceylan, 18 of his parents divorced, with 39 students 'divorced family children at the fifth grade level of the children's divorce family children' s performance compared to the study of a shocking event according to the development of children who can slow down completely can also stop.
The main purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between divorced family children and non-divorced family children's attention performances, the research shows that the overall attention performances of children belonging to the family who maintain integrity are higher than the divorced family children who require focus and attention planning skills.

Ceylan, attention in the performance of problems identified in the preschool period that can arise in the future of larger problems can be prevented, he says. Ceylan's parents' common reactions to divorced children are as follows: bozukluk Sleep disorders, night fears, night and daytime incontinence, excessive eating or anorexia, psychological origin stuttering, nail eating, detention in speech, introversion, denial of separation, destruction and aggression, resistance to school, difficulty concentrating, crying and anger attacks, decline in school success, lying, psycho-somatic disorders. ”

As a result, divorce, regardless of its expression, can lead to a set of adaptation and behavioral disorders in children and adversely affect the child's development process. According to Ceylan, minimizing these negative effects is possible only if the parents avoid negative attitudes.

They don't want to go to school

kıyılıy wedding is about 600 thousand per year in Turkey. In turn, nearly 100,000 couples are filing for divorce every year. One of the problems facing divorced family children is the denial of school.

Cem Ceylan points out that the decrease in school performance can be prevented if the parents who divorce or enter into this process do not reflect their negative thoughts on their children to their children. Another suggestion of Ceylan, the Psychological Counselor of the School, is to identify the divorced family children who are educated at all levels by the guidance service and to carry out group works that will improve their attention performance and increase their confidence and social skills.

There are also problems in the relationship with friends of children who are emotionally damaged during the divorce and are exposed to a traumatic effect. These problems; the detachment of communication and relations with introversion can also be seen as aggression, aggression and harm behaviors. Cem Ceylan presents his suggestions to parents who are faced with such problems as follows: “Developments related to the process should be shared with the school's psychological counselor and class teacher, and the emotional, behavioral, social and academic changes that the student may experience in this period should be observed together and the school-family-environment should be observed. Triangular communication should be kept at the highest level. ”

Teachers, as well as parents, have various duties in this process. First of all, teachers should not ignore that divorced children will need more attention, support and love. At the same time, it is important to show understanding and patience to the students who are devastating, aggressive, resistant to school, unable to concentrate, constantly crying, angry, lying, considering the sensitivity of the subject and trying to keep the subject confidential.

Research shows that as long as divorced parents are able to continue their communication in a healthy way, devote time to their children, and give up loving them unconditionally, there is no decline in their academic achievement and cognitive development. The extent to which children are affected by this difficult divorce process can vary greatly depending on the value, approaches, child's age, spouses' socio-economic and cultural conditions the parties attach to the family institution. According to Eyüboğlu Kemerburgaz Elementary School Specialist Counselor Cem Ceylan, it is possible for children to get stuck or go back to a stage they had already completed.

Ceylan believes that the protection of social mental health will be formed with individuals with healthy mental structure and the children they will raise with them.

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