10 tips for new parents

10 tips for new parents

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You took your little baby in your arms, you made your way home. Now all you want is to enjoy the life of babies için To avoid filling your first months with mistakes that will miss your taste, check out our list.

1- Listen to your own ideas

You'll want to learn from everyone in the first few weeks you spend with your newborn. Even if you don't want to, someone will give you various suggestions based on your own experiences. One of the best-known recommendations will be about how your baby should sleep. Your best friend will advise you to sleep with your baby and your mother will tell you that there will be no problem sucking your thumb.
But the only important and functional idea is yours. If you try to follow other people's advice, you will leave the most creative task of your life to other hands. Your friends, your family can offer a lot of proven information useful to work, but remember: the best guide is your and your partner's intuitions. In fact, even in the first recruitment weeks, you know more than you think bil

2- Don't think you will have free time

You may be considering taking weeks or months off from your job, but don't fool yourself into thinking it will be a vacation. In fact, you start a brand new and challenging job with a new boss who is thin and loud, and with more expectations. While your baby is sleeping, you can plan to organize drawers, pack things around, solve puzzles, and read books, but it won't be easy for your plans to come to life. Some days it will be a success for you to be able to shower at two o'clock at night. It would not be right to define having a baby as adding a baby to your old life; It's a whole new life.
Your plans may not match your baby's schedule, such as working at home at night, meeting friends, and cooking dinner every night. Setting a realistic goal for each day will make you feel more comfortable. It's like calling someone you haven't called for a long time, writing three thank-you notes, changing sheets. Looking at something on your list is now complete, making you feel good at the end of the day.

3- Don't neglect your partner

After a long day of feeding, shaking, calming and cleaning the bottom of your baby, you think your spouse should be very understanding.
You should set your marriage as your priority. If you are, try to hire a nurse once a day or several nights a week. Of course, when you sit with your partner you will talk about your baby, but you will also have the opportunity to talk about other things. This is important for your marriage. Focus on each other and make it a habit.

4- Don't neglect yourself

Spend half an hour reading a newspaper while having a cup of coffee every day. It's half an hour, the day is yours and makes you feel normal. After your baby is born, you will need a lot of time to create your own. Set up time periods where you can chat with friends, even on the phone, or take a yoga class. Unless you socially feed yourself, you are very bored, unhappy. But the happier you are, the better you become a mother and father.

5- Share jobs

You may change your baby's diaper faster than your spouse and have your bath more comfortable and easier. But your partner needs to develop these skills.

Do not walk around, do not criticize her, or tell her what to do while your spouse is doing her job. Many mothers say they expect help from their husband, but they never give responsibility to her husband. If you constantly tell him what to do (check whether you're cold, don't measure more food, don't play more games after dinner…) you're putting your spouse into a newborn caregiver.

6- Be comfortable, try not to worry

Some babies may have serious health problems. But remember, even a completely healthy baby may show signs of illness that will trigger parents' concerns. Skin spots, cough, colic, diarrhea çalış Try not to worry too much in such cases.
You have become a new mother; Since you have never taken this responsibility before, it is natural that you worry about such ailments. Learning to relax when your baby is newborn ensures that you do not panic in the event of subsequent discomfort and accidents.

7- Do not compare your baby with other babies

Do not overdo the lists. Development tables are lists based on averages. Do not compare your baby with other babies.
Each baby advances at his own pace; be comfortable as long as your baby is within normal range. The baby crawling early is not more advantageous than others; only tiring days are waiting for his parents sooner!

8- Take a nap in between

All your relatives who already have a baby recommend sleeping when your baby is asleep. But there's always work to be done. Mothers often realize how tired they are when they start to shatter and drop things (plates, glasses ...).

You should take a short nap every day, of course, but you should at least have a long sleep on the weekends. If you don't rest long enough, you'll spend the best times of your life unaware. You can fall back on many tasks when you sleep, but resting is more important than placing dishes in the machine.

9- Do not spend much money

Everyone says that your baby will change your whole life, but there are not many who tell you how having a baby will affect your pocket. Welcome to the world of baby! Just like going to the supermarket when you're hungry, shopping for new ones can be dangerous. Diapers, clothes that need to be constantly renewed, food, stroller, especially the first few years will be spent a lot of money. The following tip can prevent you from over-shopping:
When you go shopping, have an experienced mother with you so you know what you need the most and avoid unnecessary expenses. When buying clothes, make sure that the number and price are not exaggerated; Because your baby will soon become unable to enter into it. Many homes are full of clothes that were taken before the baby was born and the baby was not even wearing it once. The same goes for toys.

10- Immortalize the moment

After each new skill of your baby, you say, ım I will not forget this moment in my life ”. It may sound sad, but you'il forget it. Throughout life, hours, days and months become increasingly blurred in your mind. Suddenly your child's infancy passes. You will remember the blurred after two years after the break in the first weeks.
There are many ways to remember important moments of your baby. You can keep a diary, take a photo or record your baby's diary on camera.

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