Dear Baby Girl: We're ready for you!

Dear Baby Girl: We're ready for you!

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Dear Babygirl,

On the off chance you’d like to come join us before your due date (in two weeks), I just want you to know we’re ready (shy of a breast pump… we have to get that at some point. I never in a million years thought I’d ever say that sentence).

Your mom and I packed for the hospital tonight… or more appropriately… overpacked for the hospital. It went something like this:

STEPH: Hey babe, what do we need for the hospital? I’ll grab a backpack.

ME: Just a few things. Deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, comb, brush, blow dryer, change of clothes, socks, underwear, slippers, pjs, pillows, books, electronics, hairbands, maternity bras, baby outfit, baby blanket, our iPad, Kindle, laptop, chargers, snacks, insurance cards, cash, more snacks, a list of people to call when I’m in labor, a list of people to call when we have the baby, flip flops, glasses, books… hold on, let me go get the second half of the hospital list.

STEPH: (stunned silence)

I’m sure if we have a second kid, all we’ll bring is a change of underwear. In the meantime, we’re packing. And packing. Steph and I spent a good 20 minutes just picking out your “going home from the hospital” outfit. Two grownups who make decisions every single day incapable of deciding between the pink onsie with the footies with the grey little flip flop design on the front, or the colorful onsie with the matching hat and precious yellow booties. We packed both. Okay, that’s a lie, we packed about eight outfits.

Anyway, we went for a routine OB visit this week (we had a feeling the doctor was going to tell us you’ve dropped, you’re in position, and you’re ready to start your big exit). Instead, we got opposite news. You haven’t dropped, you’re nowhere near ready and…. gulp, you’re already over 7 pounds. I’ve only gained about 25 this entire pregnancy and you’re 7 POUNDS ALREADY?!?!?! According to my incorrect math, you’re on pace to be a 17-pound baby!!! Okay maybe not, but perhaps now I know why these last two weeks have been so incredibly taxing… you’re a big girl! All our friends say it’s a good thing—that you’ll sleep better, eat better maybe even look a little less ‘squished’ when you come out. We just want you to be healthy, that’s all we care about. (And maybe the less squishy part)

Your other mother and I spent a lot of time this week painting different scenarios with you in it. Our favorite continues to be the one where you run down the hall after your bath before we put your little diaper on, with those floppy curls of yours bouncing around and that contagious little laugh filling the apartment. It’s one of a thousand scenes we have envisioned as we ramp up to the big day. Interestingly, none of the little scenarios involve sleepless nights, incessant crying, or diaper changes. Yes, we’re living in fantasy world.

Look, I already love you, so you’ll pardon my short submission to the pregnancy complaint department. You are not an easy kid to carry around… You don’t seem happy in any position. Sitting, standing, leaning, laying, bending, stretching, moving, stopping, swaying, walking or lounging on the couch propped on pillows. You’ve been quite the little athlete of late… lots of moving around, lots of kicking, elbowing, all beautiful reminders that there’s a person growing inside me. And that person is our daughter.

You can come any day now. Just want you to know that when you do, we’ll be ready….

…as soon as we get that breast pump.



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