"Thumbody" loves you: A thumbprint valentine

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I love homemade valentines, and since my kids were born, making and sending Valentine's Day cards has been a fun tradition. We love to make them, and their grandparents absolutely love to get them in the mail. Several years ago, I used my kids' thumbprints to create an adorable valentine that was a huge hit. We've added another cute baby to our family since then, so this year I decided it was time to update our thumbprint Valentine's.

What I love so much about this simple Valentine's gift is that it captures those adorable little fingers, so that it actually becomes a sweet keepsake. I always make one for myself, because I want one too! It's also a valentine that you can make whether you have a tiny baby, bigger kids, or a range like I do. I can't wait to give this one to my mom...she's going to love it!

It's also very simple to make, and takes just a few supplies. I've created a darling printable that will make it even easier!


  • white cardstock
  • printer
  • black ink pad
  • black pen
  • scrapbook paper or colored card stock
  • double stick tape


  1. Download and print the printable valentine on to white cardstock. (Located at the end of the post.)
  2. Cut it to the size you want and need it to be. You can keep it large, cut it small -- whatever works for you!
  3. Take note of where you want the fingerprints to be in order to have them centered on the paper. Carefully press your child's finger onto the ink pad, then on to the paper. Wash those cute hands! I keep baby wipes close by -- they work really well.
  4. Use the black pen to make eyes, arms, and legs on each fingerprint. I also used black Distress Ink to distress the edges of the paper, but that's optional.
  5. Mat the valentine onto scrapbook paper or colored card stock, using double stick tape or other paper adhesive that's intended for paper crafting.



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